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Best Friend Caption Ideas for Instagram

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Are you planning to post a sweet memory with your best friend on their special day, accompanied by the perfect caption on Instagram? We know you want to make her/ his day 10 times better with words straight from your heart. 

However, if you can’t think of them or feel short on time, don’t fret! It is never easy to tell your best friend how much you love them or how unique they are! We know the feeling! 

But we also know this bond deserves to be honored and celebrated with the world with a beautiful and endearing caption on Instagram. So, what are you waiting for? Find that perfect selfie with your BFF over a heartfelt coffee session or during a long-impending trip that is close to your heart. 

Post it on Instagram with a caption that resonates with how you feel about your bestie. We have made a list of captions to help you express yourself when inspiration fails to strike. You can also personalize them and make them a part of your memory! 

300+ Instagram Caption Ideas for Your Best Friend 

Funny Instagram Captions for Best Friend

  • Friends click amazing pictures. A best friend clicks the most embarrassing ones. 

  • We both have a serious case of the ‘Main Character’ syndrome. You should be glad I am okay with playing your bestie! 

  • For everyone who keeps asking me why I am so spoiled  — it’s because of this girl/ guy!

  • If you want to enjoy a personal circus, I recommend spending a day with us! 

  • I could never commit murder! If I were a person of interest, everyone would know you were the partner-in-crime! 

  • I could laugh at myself but then I found you!  

  • We are not that judgemental! We only judge people who are not us! 

  • Together, you and I are a whole zoo. 

  • If you stand outside my room and hear someone snorting through the door, just remember it’s not me crying, it’s him/her laughing! 

  • Anyone who meets us for the first time is bound to be bored. Our language of communication is inside jokes! 

  • We are single because the only people who can tolerate us are each other. 

  • We are boring people individually. But when we are together, you may feel compelled to grab a tub of popcorn! 

  • I know you hate this picture. I was going to say something to calm you down, but let’s be honest — I posted it to piss you off! 

  • If we ever fall apart, I’d have to kill you. You know way too much! 

  • Your best friend isn’t the person who answers your call at 3 am. He/she is the person who sleeps through the first two calls, knowing that you’d call a third time if you are in trouble! 

  • You are one lucky person to have a best friend like me! After all, I know everything about you and yet I stayed. 

  • I am so glad that we are a two-person gang! We never have to fight for pizza slices! 

  • You scream, I scream! You jump, I jump! You fall, I laugh till I fall! 

  • Thank you for letting me be your best friend. I swear it’s been the best comedy show ever! 

  • I am so glad we finally found a picture that we both liked! It only took a week to decide! 

Short Instagram Captions for Best Friend  

  • The Selena to my Taylor!

  • My ride or die! 

  • Chosen sister/ brother

  • #Twinningwithbae

  • My bae > Yours 

  • Fixing each other's crowns

  • Selfie with my bestie 

  • My sunshine on a rainy day

  • I found my #friendshipgoals.

  • Making memories, one giggle at a time.

  • Who do you think is crazier? 

  • Me+you = Irreplaceable 

  • Two’s a crowd! 

  • My no. 1 since day 1

  • The only constant I need

  • We are my favourite pair  

  • I won the BFF lottery! 

  • Roasting in our love language.

  • #bettertogether 

  • Always my cheerleader!

Cute Instagram Captions for Best Friend  

  • You are the cookie to my milk. You make moments sweeter and make life’s hardships easy to gulp down!

  • You are a total weirdo! But you are my weirdo. 

  • Alexa, play ‘Count on Me’ by Bruno Mars! 

  • You are the only person who I don’t feel socially awkward around. 

  • Our friendship is like wine. It gets better with time! 

  • In a world filled with fads, our friendship is timeless! 

  • Thank you for being my anchor and guiding me to the shore. 

  • Look! I posted a selfie with a diamond! 

  • Life is awesome because you are my best friend. 

  • Cheers to all the memories and so many more to come! 

  • You’re the only person I’d ever share fries with! 

  • Every moment spent with him/ her is like therapy. 

  • You are my pick-me-up on gloomy days. 

  • This girl/ guy will always be my sister/ brother before any mister/ other. 

  • You are the extra into my most ordinary moments in life! 

  • Friendship with you is that one ship that I will never let sink! 

  • Every introvert needs an extrovert to adopt them! Thank you for choosing me!

  • You and I are like magnets that refuse to be separated. 

  • We come as a combo; it’s never one without the other! 

  • Dear future husband/ wife, if you want me, make sure she/ he likes you!  

Travel Instagram Captions for Best Friend 

  • We’re finally living our ‘Dora the Explorer’ fantasy! 

  • Look out world! We are coming to fill you up with adventures! 

  • Finally on a journey with my perfect travel buddy! 

  • Collecting passport stamps with my adventure buddy! 

  • The face you make when you finally take that trip with your bestie! 

  • Travelling with you feels like backpacking with my home!

  • That’s our resting ‘beach’ face! 

  • Even jet lag is fun with you by my side.

  • Waiting to tell our kids our crazy travel stories.

  • Wanderlusties for life! 

  • Crossing off an item from our ‘Dream diary’. 

  • Did we just annoy people in Spanish? 

  • Planning to settle here with my bestie! 

  • Turning dream destinations into reality together! 

  • Don’t bother to find us! We probably got lost in the mountains on purpose. 

  • Cheers to making memories at a new destination! 

  • I packed my suitcase and my best friend! 

  • Chasing adventures together! 

  • Wandering through the mountains with my best bud! 

  • Turning our adventure mode on! 

Crazy Instagram Captions for Best Friend 

  • If this is us being sober, imagine what we’d be like if we were drunk! 

  • I pity our grandchildren! I am sure we’d be pranking them when we are old and wrinkly! 

  • Promise me one thing. You’d never do crazy without me! 

  • Life handed us lemons. We made lemonade and spiked it with vodka! 

  • I am pretty sure our moms are glad we aren’t sisters! 

  • You are a permanent character in all my crazy stories! 

  • We go together like bread and butter, dipped into tonnes of wine.

  • You are crazy! I absolutely love it!

  • I love that we can be crazy together, even in public! 

  • Warning: We are on our worst behaviour. 

  • I could cross a river to reach you. But then I would be tired and that would be no fun! So maybe I’d cross a pond. But then, it’s murky and I would get dirty! I guess a pool is the safest bet! 

  • When they call us crazy, we reply with, “Thank you!”.

  • We are on a rollercoaster that only goes up! 

  • If being crazy was a job, we’d both be billionaires! 

  • Beware: There’s a whole lot of crazy in this picture!

  • On weekdays we are crazy. On weekends we are complete lunatics! 

  • What’s the point in being normal when you can be crazy together? 

  • Find a best friend that matches your level of crazy! 

  • Me and you are a pair of mismatched socks that are supposed to be worn together. 

  • We are just two best friends, out on the town to make some crazy memories together! 

Missing Instagram Captions for Long-distance Best Friend 

  • You will always have a piece of my heart despite being miles apart! 

  • The physical hugs may be pending, but I’ll keep sending you virtual hugs. 

  • You are the one I feel most connected to, despite the different time zones! 

  • We may have gone from daily hangouts to video calls, but you are still my constant! 

  • Thank god for Wi-Fi! I’d miss you more without it! 

  • Counting down the days till I meet my bestie again! 

  • Remembering all the memories we made together. I miss you! 

  • Missing my favourite human a little too much today!

  • You are always there for me, but I wish you were next to me! Come back soon!

  • I can’t wait to see you, hug you, and go on adventures together! 

  • Thank you for being my support system despite the distance. Miss you! 

  • <name of place> is lucky to have you! But <name of hometown> misses you! 

  • This picture will always remind me of how precious you are! I miss you! 

  • You are an idiot but I still miss your shenanigans! 

  • I can’t wait to share my latest adventures with you! Be back soon! 

  • Here’s a ghost hug. A real one would cost me a plane ticket! 

  • I miss having you a stone’s throw away from me! 

  • I swear I will empty your stash of Kit-Kats if you don’t come back soon! 

  • I’ll be keeping our adventures on hold till you are back! 

  • I just heard ‘You belong with me’ on the radio and it reminded me of us. I miss you loads! 

Birthday Instagram Captions for Best Friend 

  • A year older but definitely not wiser! Happy birthday! 

  • Happy birthday! You’re finally all caught up to my age!

  • Happy birthday! You’re getting old! 

  • Let’s celebrate the incredible, crazy you today! 

  • It’s <best friend’s name> day again! I love you! 

  • I am giving you the best birthday gift this year — Me! 

  • I am so happy you were born into this world! Happy birthday, bestie! 

  • Cheers to growing older but never growing up!

  • You’re the only <insert star sign> I like! Happy birthday! 

  • To my bestie since day 1, Happy birthday bud! 

  • Happy birthday to my favourite birthday queen/ king! 

  • Since it’s your birthday today, I promise to let you eat the last piece of pizza! 

  • Here’s a mandatory birthday pic for my ride-or-die! 

  • Happy birthday! I hope this day turns out to be as bright as your aura! 

  • It’s my bestie’s birthday! Bring out the cake and confetti! 

  • Let’s make a toast to an amazing <enter age>! Happy birthday! 

  • Cheers to turning older, wiser, and better together! Happy birthday! 

  • Happy birthday to my crazy best friend! I could never love anyone more than you! 

  • Welcome to the <enter age> club! They suck, you’re gonna love them! 

  • Happy birthday to the most real person in my life! Thank you for being my best friend. 

Wedding Instagram Captions for Best Friend

  • Getting ready to be packed into your honeymoon suitcase!  

  • I am not crying! I swear my eyes are sweating! 

  • <enter husband’s/ wife’s name> get ready to have me as a third wheel forever! 

  • Single guys/ girls, back off! My bestie is officially taken!  

  • Couldn’t be happier for you! So glad you finally found someone who can tolerate you. (Apart from me of course) 

  • My best friend found her/his happily ever after! 

  • I am happy and sad! Happy that you found the one and sad that I have to share you now! 

  • This picture reflects your love for each other! Congratulations guys! 

  • Wishing you luck <enter husband’s/ wife’s friend> for a journey ahead with him/ her! 

  • Happy marriage! My best friend is now your responsibility <enter husband’s/ wife’s> name. 

  • Dear bestie, I know you are married but if you forget me I will be turning up at your new home unannounced! 

  • My best friend married her soulmate! Couldn’t be happier! 

  • So happy that you found the love you deserved! 

  • I can’t believe you are married! Can’t stop crying! 

  • …And then there was one single friend left! 

  • You look like such a princess/ prince! Happy fairytale wedding bestie! 

  • He/ she finally put a ring on it! 

  • I know it was your wedding but the memories are still hazy because of the hangover. 

  • Yay! You found your lobster! 

  • My real-life Noah and Allie are finally hitched! So happy for you guys! 

Savage Instagram Captions for Your Baddie Best Friend

  • Mess with her/ him and you’ll see my savage side! 

  • We personify savage vibes! 

  • She’s/ he’s a savage! Classy, bougie, ratchet! 

  • Yes, we slay every look! 

  • We never follow the rules! We break them! 

  • Certified baddies for life! 

  • You’re always my partner in sass! 

  • Our souls are black! That’s why we’re classic!

  • We both know we’re queens! That’s why we’re best friends. 

  • Can’t stand us? Well, join the queue! 

  • In a world of Barbies, we’re the Baddies! 

  • Caution: We’re hard to handle!

  • Our friendship is a limited edition! 

  • Guess what? We don't care what you think about us. 

  • We’re so savage! Our personalities need no filters! 

  • We don't fit in. We were born to stand out! 

  • Grinning and sinning since <year> 

  • We’re everything you want but can’t have! 

  • We’re not your cup of tea; We’re expensive glasses of wine! 

  • What you see in this picture are two masterpieces.

Instagram Captions for Your Male Best Friend 

  • Brother from another mother! 

  • You're the Harry to my Hermione! 

  • We’re not dating; We’re better than that. We’re best friends! 

  • They say a girl and a guy can never be best friends. Well, watch us!

  • I adore him, and he tolerates me! 

  • Every girl needs a male best friend. I am so glad you are mine! 

  • It's been <number of years>, and you’re still the only guy who hasn't hurt me! 

  • The only guy my family approves of! 

  • Uploading the only picture I have with this dude! 

  • Thank you for being the best guy bestie any girl could ask for.

  • Send your resumes! This guy is still single! 

  • I feel so lucky to have a guy best friend like you! 

  • That’s me and my best friend waiting for food! 

  • Bromances end! Brotherhood lives on! 

  • Just chilling with my main guy! 

  • Cheers to my wingman for life! 

  • We’re more than just friends. We’re besties for life! 

  • This bro’s always got my back! 

  • Girlfriends and boyfriends may come and go, but our friendship will last forever! 

  • This bro has always got my back! Love you man! 

Deep Instagram Captions/ Quotes for Your Best Friend

  • So happy to have a friend who has seen me at my worst and has still stayed.

  • Thank you for being my rock through thick and thin!

  • You are my rainbow! Thank you for making my life colourful, even after heavy rains! 

  • I can barely remember what life was like without you as my best friend! 

  • We are best friends because you understand my silence better than anyone else.

  • This girl/ guy is my safe space! Thank you for being the keeper of my secrets.

  • I thank the universe every day for having blessed me with your friendship.  

  • You are my guardian angel! Thank you for saving me from loneliness. 

  • This picture is a reminder of how rare it is to have what we have. 

  • This girl/ guy has a golden heart! I am so happy she/ he is my friend! 

  • I know you have been through it all, but just remember I am always by your side!

  • "Friendship is a sheltering tree." - Samuel Taylor Coleridge

  • “Rare as is true love, true friendship is rarer.” - Jean De La Fontaine

  • “Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together.” – Woodrow Wilson

  • “Friendship marks a life even more deeply than love. Love risks degenerating into obsession, friendship is never anything but sharing.” – Elie Wiesel

  • "A true friend is the greatest of all blessings." - François de La Rochefoucauld

  • “Friendship isn't a big thing — it’s a million little things.” -Paulo Coelho

  • “There is nothing on earth more to be prized than true friendship.”  -Thomas Aquinas

  • “True friends stay with you no matter the distance or time that separates you from them.” -Lance Reynald

  • “A best friend is someone who, when they don't understand, they still understand.” -Nancy Werlin

Coffee Date Instagram Captions for Your Best Friend

  • Coffee tastes better with you on the side! 

  • Our cups are filled with more than just coffee! 

  • Sipping coffee with my bestie!

  • Loading up with caffeine to spike our, already high, energy levels! 

  • Our coffee date soon turned into a selfie session! 

  • Keep the coffee coming! Our conversation isn't over just yet! 

  • I love our coffee and gossip sessions! 

  • She/ he still knows my coffee order better than me! 

  • I can never get tired of coffee dates with you! 

  • Making memories over coffee! 

  • Coffee date with my constant! 

  • We laughed hard enough to get kicked out of the coffee shop! 

  • Happy souls with caffeinated minds!

  • A long-pending coffee session with you is all I needed! 

  • My go-to blend? Coffee and her/ him! 

  • A coffee date to cure a hangover! 

  • I love you, but not more than my coffee! 

  • We sure had a ‘latte’ fun! 

  • We like big cups and we cannot lie! 

  • Coffee with my bestie cures the nasties! 

Soulmate Instagram Captions for Your Best Friend

  • We’re the best love story I have ever witnessed.

  • You’re not just my best friend, you’re my soulmate! 

  • A true friend is one soul in two bodies.” – Aristotle

  • If my soul’s a puzzle, this girl/ guy is the missing piece. 

  • The universe knew we were twin souls! 

  • Who needs a boyfriend/ girlfriend? I found my soulmate in my best friend.

  • We’re the perfect example of platonic soulmates! 

  • You may be my date, but he/she is my soulmate! 

  • My soul feels at home when I am with you. 

  • Our paths were meant to cross. We’re soulmates! 

  • I am so lucky! I found my soulmate in my best friend.

  • Dear bestie turned soulmate, you make every moment magical! 

  • My happily ever after is me and her/ him together forever! 

  • You’re my soulmate in craziness! 

  • People spend a lifetime looking for their soulmate! I found him/ her in my bestie! 

  • You fill my soul with joy and satisfaction! 

  • Introducing my world to my soul sister! I love you! 

  • We’re just twin souls born apart! 

  • Meet my soulmate! She steals my food! 

  • I asked Santa for a soulmate, and one fine day, you were at my doorstep. 

Group Instagram Captions for Best Friends

  • Hi Instagram! Here’s my chosen family. 

  • Feeling grateful for a bunch like you!

  • Best friends are the gateway to happiness! 

  • Met my human diaries! 

  • My T Swift squad! (minus Taylor)

  • If you mess with any one of us, we are all your enemies for life! 

  • I found my tribe! 

  • I don't have one best friend, I have the best squad!

  • Craziness ensues when we are all together! 

  • Squad rule: No man/ woman left behind! 

  • Finally a picture with the whole squad! 

  • We pose, we slay! 

  • Let’s promise to be this cool even when we all get old! 

  • My human rays of sunshine! 

  • Couldn't ask for a better group of besties! 

  • All I need is food and my squad! 

  • Our laughs are picture-perfect without trying! 

  • Never a fake candid with the group! 

  • A night out with the crew = a cure to all my problems! 

  • The people in this picture are closer than they appear.

Proud Instagram Captions for Your Best Friend

  • Just posted this picture to boast about you to the world! 

  • Proud to call you my bestie for the resties!

  • The person in this picture is everything: Inspirational, funny and beautiful! 

  • Keep breaking barriers! So proud of you! 

  • Blessed to have this kind soul as my best friend. 

  • I asked the genie for a friend and he gave me the best one ever! 

  • Your win feels like my win! So proud of you bestie! 

  • So proud of you for making your dreams turn into reality! 

  • Meet <professional designation with name> my best friend! So proud of you today! 

  • Appreciation post: <name of best friend>, thank you for being the purest soul! 

  • You make my life amazing! 

  • My best friend is a goddess! End of discussion.

  • Shoutout to the most beautiful person I know. 

  • This girl/ guy is on fire! Super proud! 

  • The hot girl/ guy in this picture is my best friend! 

  • Posting my best friend’s face to bless your feed! 

  • I am obsessed with this girl/ guy! 

  • Watch out world! My best friend’s on her way to win you over! 

Instagram Captions for Your Childhood Best Friend

  • From playgrounds to pubs, we’ve seen it all together! 

  • The person in this picture has been my constant since kindergarten! Cheers to us! 

  • Best friends for <number of years> and yet we always have something to talk about! 

  • Thank you for being the steadiest presence in my life! 

  • I’m glad I’ve never known life without you! I am sure it would’ve been boring! 

  • I am glad our mothers arranged that play date for us when we were 4! 

  • Throwback to when we were little and still besties! 

  • Childhood friendships are rare. I am glad to have experienced one with you! 

Show Your Love with the Best Instagram Captions for Best Friend

Whenever you want to make your BFF feel loved, the above captions can come in handy. These can be used for any occasion or mood and can also be customized with your internal references, love language, memorable instances, and more. Thus, they make the perfect addition to your pictures.

The above captions are not only the perfect way to express your feelings but also to enrich your Instagram engagement. If you want to thrive on Instagram, there is another way. You can buy genuine likes, followers and views on Instagram.

Explore our plans now! 


#1. How to use a best friend caption on Instagram?

If you want to express your love for your best friend, a personalized Instagram caption is a great way. To make it effective you need to ensure that you make it as personal as possible. 

Use internal jokes and specific memories along with relevant emojis and hashtags. Additionally, don't forget to tag your friend! 

#2. How do I enhance engagement through best friend captions for Instagram? 

Tagging your friend, using funny anecdotes and incidents and accompanying your caption with the right hashtags and emojis are some ways to enhance engagement through best friend captions on Instagram.

#3. Can I modify best friend captions to fit my personal style?  - H2

Of course! The above captions are basic templates that help you express your emotions. Feel free to either post them as they are or modify/ personalise them as you need.

#4. What categories of Instagram captions can I explore for my best friend?

The world of captions is endless! You can explore funny, cute, deep, appreciative, and short Instagram captions for your best friend. Additionally, you can explore occasion-specific or bond-specific Instagram captions. 

#5. What kind of best friend captions should I avoid when posting on Instagram?

You should avoid posting embarrassing, offensive or insensitive captions for your best friend. You may also want to avoid captions that disclose confidential information that they don't want to share with everyone. Ensure that you respect their feelings and maintain their trust while posting captions.

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