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Date Publish: Nov 10, 2023


Last Modified: May 25, 2024

Birthday Quotes For Brother To Use On Instagram: 2024 UPDATED

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Brothers are no less than a blessing in our lives. No matter how annoying they behave at times, they mean the world to us. They are the ones with whom we have a lot of childhood memories that will with us for a lifetime. 

Either you have an older, younger, or twin brother, they add spark to your lives and support you in all your good and bad days. So, when the occasion is their birthday, it is the right time to show your love and care for them. However, sometimes it can be confusing for you how to wish your brother and make him feel special. 

In addition to parties and festivities that you usually plan, it is a good idea to share your affection and love for your brother on Instagram. 

Undoubtedly, it is a growing trend these days where people post about their friends and family members whenever there’s a special occasion, and in return, they get more views and likes on Instagram. People use long quotes and captions to wish their loved ones and express their feelings and emotions. 

It is a good way of sharing your bond and letting people close to you know that it’s time for a birthday bash. 

So, here we have curated a list of the best birthday quotations and captions for brothers. You can use these funny and emotional happy birthday messages to greet your brother on his special day and make him feel special. 

Birthday Quotes For Brother To Use On Instagram Funny Happy Birthday Quotes for Brother

  • “You are related to me and it is the best gift you have received. Happy birthday.”
  • “Brothers are such strange creatures.”
  • “Wishing my annoying but cute brother with all my heart. Happy birthday to you!”
  • “I will be always there to support you and hide your mistakes, except when you steal my chocolates. Happy birthday my baby brother.”
  • “Never getting tired from annoying you. Happy birthday little brother.”
  • “I want to make each day of yours special, my little brother. I love you so much. Happy birthday.”
  • “You are my friend, you are my confidant. You are my partner in crime, and my sustainer. You are my dependent and my betrayer, and the best brother in the world.”

Emotional Birthday Quotes for Brother

  • “Brothers make the best friends.”
  • “For other people, you may be just my elder brother who is there to protect me. But to me, you are my hero and my life.”
  • “Happy Birthday to the one I will look up to whenever I face a problem.”
  • “You are my protector; you are my supporter. You are my best friend, and the one I will always look up to. Happy birthday, brother!”
  • “People say no matter how old you become when you are with your brother, you vibe differently.”
  • “It doesn’t matter how old you are. You will always be my little brother. I love you. Have a happy birthday.”

Short Birthday Quotes and Wishes for Brother

  • “It feels great that I have a brother who is always there for me, and it’s his birthday today.”
  • “Happy birthday to my savior. May we spend all our lives together.”
  • “A brother is a gift and a blessing for every sister.”
  • “You are my friend and my partner in crime. You stay with me in everything I do. Happy birthday, bro!”
  • “Happy birthday, brother. I love you very much! Always stay the same.”
  • “It’s always fun to spend time with you, fight with you, and laugh together over stupid stuff. Happy birthday, bro!”
  • “You are not just my little brother, but someone who is as precious as my life. Happy birthday little one.”
  • “You are the best brother and I am blessed to have you in my life. Happy birthday.”


In this article, we have shared a few ideas on how you can give birthday wishes to your brother on Instagram and make his special day more fun and exciting. 

No matter if you are blood-related siblings, cousins, or close friends, these quotes and captions are the best way to celebrate your bond and make the most of this special day.

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