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Date Publish: Jun 20, 2024


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Advance Editing Tips for Instagram Photos and Videos

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Are you bored with the video and photo editing tips and tricks that are not helping with your Instagram game? Making the Instagram feed captivating is absolutely necessary, whether you're a creator or just a user. It shows your personality, authenticity, and creativity. 

If you're an influencer, a creator, or a business owner, using the general tips out there might not be helpful in upgrading your editing game. Say bye-bye to your worries and learn new tips and easy ways to utilize apps that are already there for free to take your Instagram editing to the next level. It can help you enhance your exposure and create a long-lasting impression on your audience.

This blog is here to guide you through the editing tips for Instagram feeds and stories, giving you some amazing application suggestions that will blow your mind. 

Instagram Photo Editing Tips To Make You Look Like A Pro

For social media users, photos are a way to define their creativity and personality and stand out.  If you're looking to stand out in the crowded digital space, incorporate these not-so-common instagram photo editing tips to take your picture game to the next level. 

  • Take High-Quality Shots First

Start by capturing a great-quality photo. A great-quality instagram photo doesn't always need a DSLR. Take it under good lighting and keep the camera stable. Experiment with different angles. If the photo quality is good, it will minimize the need for editing.  

If the quality of the photo is high, it automatically grabs more attention on your Instagram account. This can result in more followers and engagement. 

  • Try Selective Editing

Instead of editing the whole photo, try selective editing. Identify the areas of the Instagram photo that need more focus and improvement due to blurred or weird lighting. And edit those particular areas so they merge with the whole image seamlessly. This helps you stand out from the rest by ensuring a polished look on your Instagram account. 

  • Apply Gradient Maps Or Grids

If you want fast results, use gradient maps or grids to enhance the visual appeal of the photo you’re going to upload on instagram. This will add artistic effects, structure, and depth to your photo in just a few clicks. 

They are a great way to show your creative side. While they require minimal effort, they can easily captivate your Instagram audience.

  • Experiment with Instagram Filters and Audio

Don't underestimate the Instagram filters. Each filter has its own vibe and result. Explore and find the one that suits your mood, tone, and style, and save them. You can use it again and again to match the vibe of your other pictures. Instagram also allows you to add audios to your photos so make use of that. 

The Instagram audience is always looking for profile aesthetic inspiration. Using filters and audio is the easiest and most excellent way to add an aesthetic touch to your photos and videos. This can help with better visibility and more audience reach.

  • Enhance Photo Composition

The way you take photos matters. Take tons of photos from different angles and frames to see which one gives the best look. Good composition can enhance the aesthetic of your photo naturally and make your Instagram more vibrant.  

Good composition photos capture attention and show your vision and creativity behind the shot. This can help with more engagement over time on your Instagram account. 

  • Sharpen and Spot Clean for Clarity

A detailed photo grabs more attention on Instagram due to its clarity. Sharpening any necessary details you want to focus on and removing any elements that are distracting can make the photo look much more polished and clear.

Clear-quality images show professionalism, and this can help you create a skillful impression on your Instagram followers. 

  • Frame With A Border

If your Instagram feed looks too cluttered when uploading one photo to the next, consider adding a border to your photos. It gives proper space between photos and draws attention to the main subject, giving it a professional look. 

This will show that you've put thought into your photos before uploading them. It also makes it easier for your audience to figure out what you want to show, which is a great quality of a professional shot. 

  • Utilize Instagram Platform Tools

Instagram can be used as a photo editing tool on its own. It can be used for basic editing, applying filters and audios as well. Being an all-in-one app, it can help you with the editing within the app.

Once you understand it, it can simplify your content creation process. All you need is some practice to master the editing options, which can help your photo stand out. 

  • Go With Black and White 

Nothing can beat the glamor of black-and-white pictures. These days, every phone has a black-and-white filter option that can be used. If you want to do it professionally, do a little bit of research on the best tips for editing black-and-white photos to make them pop.

It gives your instagram account a mysterious yet minimal look, which is highly complimented among instagram followers. If done nicely, it can easily increase your account's visibility, along with tons of appreciative comments about your editing. 

  • Edit, But Don't Overdo

While editing photos can be great, don't go overboard with it. You don't want your Instagram photos to look unrealistic or overly edited. Hence, strive for a look that is natural and good in quality. This tip is religiously followed in portrait editing tips to complement the feature and maintain authenticity. 

Top Editing Tips For Enhancing Your Instagram Videos

Now that you know professional photo editing tips, let's see how you can edit your Instagram videos as well to make them look aesthetically pleasing. Since Instagram lets you upload videos in story format, reel format, and on the feed, here are some video editing tips in each section that will easily enhance your videos in no time. 

1. Instagram Reels

When your reels are uniquely edited, they boost your algorithm and make you stand out among millions of Instagram creators. Incorporating these tips when editing reels can help you increase your profile discovery and engagement. 

  • Adjust The Speed

Instagram allows 90 seconds of duration for each reel. That means if your video is longer, it won't fit the duration. Make sure the duration of your reel makes it more captivating to the audience. 

When you speed up the video clip, it shows more excitement, while slowing down can be used to show important moments. Adjust it according to your preference. 

  • Apply Transitions

Instagram reels are known for their transitions. But try to make them smooth, not rough. If you're a beginner, try trimming the video, cutting the boring parts, or adding slides that are easy yet make your reel flow seamlessly and captivating.

  • Trim And Shorten

You don't want to bore your Instagram audience, but make them more focused and interested. Hence, cut or trim any boring parts that are not necessary. This will keep the reel short and filled with only clips that are attractive. 

  • Apply Effects

Don't miss out on the effects. Add fun Instagram filters or stickers to make your reel stand out. It makes it more eye-catching and will likely make people stop scrolling your reel and admire it. 

2. Instagram Story Videos

Instagram story videos can be a great way to share amazing memories. But to create a great visual punch and show your personality, editing them is the key. These tips are meant to catch users' eyes as they browse through stories. 

  • Animate With Text

Animating with texts helps you tell what the Instagram story is all about. You can call it a short version of the caption. Don't add boring text, but try different fonts and effects like glow or bold to make the text pop. 

  • Use in-app filters

Adding filters literally takes a few swipes but can change the whole mood of the story video. Try different filters and use the one that fits your style and personality the most. 

You can also save filters for future use. Also, Instagram keeps adding new filters. So, keep a check on that as well for some amazing filters that match your vibe. 

  • Use The Grid

Use the grid to find the perfect symmetry to make the video look more organized. Follow the rule of thirds and place important parts of your video where the lines cross on a grid. This makes it look balanced and keeps Instagram viewers engaged.

  • Layer With Audio

A video should be captivating to both the eyes and the ears, and adding audio does that. Layer your videos with audio. Instagram offers tons of audio options to choose from. 

Take time to find the perfect beat that goes with your videos. This adds attention to detail and can lead to an increase in engagement as well. 

3. Instagram Feed Video

A well-edited feed video can help you create an immediate impact on your audience. The tips below can help you show your creativity and professionalism in your content to create that great first impression.

  • Cinematic Widescreen Ratio

Go for a widescreen ratio. 16:9 can be a good choice to give your Instagram video a cinematic look. This kind of ratio helps to fill the screen. As a result, it enhances the visual impact of the video while providing a better viewing experience. 

  • Stabilize The Video

Even if your captured footage is unique, but the video is shaky, it will disrupt the whole vibe. Hence, either use a tripod to take stable videos or use stabilizing tools that can make the video stable. When the video is smooth and steady, it gives a more professional look, and viewers can also concentrate without any distractions. 

  • Be Creative

Don't go with the basic footage, but be creative with how you shot it. There are tons of online resources that can help you with unique ideas. When your videos have unique angles and perspectives, it creates a creative storytelling experience, which sets it apart. Instagram users love to view these kinds of videos that can leave a lasting impression. 

  • Export in High-Quality  

Don't forget to export it in high quality once you're done editing. Keep it higher than 720p to achieve a clear look. Even if you edit it professionally but export a video in low quality, it can ruin the quality of the video. Hence, go with the highest resolution to showcase your Instagram content.

Top 6 Free Instagram Post Editing Tools Recommendation

To help you out with the editing process and make your style look exactly what you want, here are our top recommendations of apps for videos and photos for Instagram. The best part is that they're free. 

So, you can use them without worry and experiment as much as you want. 

For Photos:

Here are the 3 tools you can use to edit photos for your Instagram profile and attract more eyeballs to your contact. Let’s explore:

1. Snapseed 

If precise control over adjustments is your main concern, Snapseed can be your go-to app for fancy photo editing on Instagram. It's a powerful mobile photo editing app with a straightforward interface to easily use any feature. Known for its range of advanced features comes with tons of filters to choose from. 

Key Features:

  • Selective editing for targeted adjustments

  • Advanced filters and effects

  • Healing brush for retouching

  • White balance for temperature adjustment

  • Double exposure

2. Pixlr

If you want an app that you can use on both desktop and mobile to edit your Instagram pictures,  then you can try Pixlr. This versatile app has tons of tools that can give your photo a professional touch. With blending modes and color adjustments, this app is a famous choice among photographers and designers.

Key Features:

  • Web-based editing

  • Nondestructive editing

  • Build-in tutorials

  • Variety of export options

  • layers and blending tools

  • Typography option

3. VSCO 

VSCO (pronounced visco) is known for its minimalistic interface. It offers cinematic presets that are great for aesthetic looks on your Instagram. It has a built-in camera to capture quality photos along with the editing tools. Also, it allows you to save your custom editing style and apply it to other photos to maintain consistency. 

Key Features:

  • Film-inspired presets

  • Option to save a custom editing preset

  • Perspective correction

  • Visual grid

For Videos:

Here are the 3 free tools you can use to edit your videos on Instagram. These tools will captivate the attention of your followers and help you increase your visibility and reach on the platform. Let’s have a look:

1. Canva

Canva is a well-known tool for its graphic design capabilities. From mobile videos to cinematic videos, it offers different size formats and tons of templates to choose from. It can help you with visuals, adding text, and even music. It also offers stock images and icons that you can utilize in your videos. Also, it has great export options for a high-quality video for your Instagram profile. 

Key Features:

  • Thousands of templates

  • Text overlay

  • Stock media library

  • Transitions and effects

  • Export options

  • Collaboration option

2. Kinemaster 

Kinemaster is a go-to tool for social media creators all over the world. The best part is that it has its own community and online resources. It can be used to learn more editing techniques. It also has a feature called a chroma key that can help you remove backgrounds and overlay images to enhance your creativity. 

Key Features:

  • Multi-layer editing

  • Voiceovers and audio editing

  • Chroma key for backgrounds

  • learning resources

  • Export options

3. Capcut 

Capcut has its own built-in music and sound effects that give you ample options to choose from for your videos. With tons of editing tools for videos and audio, it can help you with editing great videos. Moreover, it also has a community where you can share your photos and show off your artistic talent. 

Key Features:

  • AI-powered editing

  • Frame-by-frame editing

  • Customizable text animations

  • Built-in music library

  • Chroma key

  • Export options

  • Community and tutorials


For a great Instagram feed, mastering the art of editing videos and photos is very important. This blog offers easy tips to elevate your editing game, whether it be photos or videos, and discover your unique style to stand out. To help you further, find a list of recommended editing tools that are completely free. It will help you create stunning visuals in no time that your followers will fall in love with. 


1. Can Instagram be used to edit photos and videos?

Yes. Instagram offers a range of editing options for both photos and videos. You can adjust features like brightness and contrast, apply filters, and add text, stickers, and even audio to make it attractive.

2. What is the best tip for editing Instagram videos and reels?

The best tip for editing Instagram videos and reels is to keep them aesthetically pleasing. This can be achieved by adding filters, text, and audio. Your aim should be to grab the attention of your audience for better discovery on Instagram. 

3. Can posting high-quality content on Instagram help creators grow?

Yes. High-quality content helps you stand out, which leads to better engagement and more followers. This helps in creating brand identity and opens opportunities for collaboration and monetization. 

4. Are there any free Instagram editing apps that are good?

Yes, there are several apps that are free and provide great editing features. Our best recommendations for photos are Snapseed, Pixlr, and VSCO, and for videos, Canva, Kinemaster, and Capcut. 

5. How do you take good pictures and videos on Instagram?

To take good pictures and videos on Instagram, make sure your camera is not shaky and the lighting is great. Also, follow the grid rule and add filters to make it look visually appealing. 

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