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Date Publish: Nov 10, 2023


Last Modified: Apr 24, 2024

Guide on Free Instagram Stories Highlight Icons

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Instagram has been continuously evolving since the day it was launched. From 1 million users in the beginning to currently 112 million users, it has come a long way. This means that the platform is completely different than it was a few years ago.

It has evolved to provide its users with unique features, more quality, and better adaptability. Instagram has never been as useful for building personal and commercial brands as it is now.

Today, Instagram has a lot of features, from automation to great filters. And one such interesting and useful feature is Story Highlights. With real Instagram views on Highlights, creators can target their potential audience and build their brand better.

What are Instagram Stories Highlights?

Instagram stories are an effective way to interact with your potential fans and customers. Instagram stories it got better because now we can add the collection of Instagram stories to the highlights. 

Highlights are a cool feature of Instagram Stories, which allows you to combine multiple Instagram Stories into one content album or playlist so that your followers can view it at any time. They are displayed as a series of circular icons or albums, located below your profile information.

It’s easy to add stories to the highlight. Stories (or parts of stories) can be added to the highlight immediately after they are uploaded (even if they are still active in your account for 24 hours). Just click the highlight button at the bottom of the story and choose to add the story or story fragment to the highlight of your choice.

Each highlight of an Instagram story can have a short title. The title can contain up to 16 characters, but it is best to keep it between 10-11 characters so that the complete title appears on your profile and will not be truncated. When someone clicks on the icon of a particular album, they can see the content of the story assigned to that album.

Some Important Features of Instagram Story Highlights

  • Whatever content you add to Highlights will be saved forever. You can keep the “Instagram Stories Highlights” on your profile for as long as you want, as long as they are configured to store all the content of Instagram stories on Instagram and they won’t expire even after 24 hours.
  • You can add many Highlights (based on the research, at least 20 or more).
  • You can add a story (or part of a story) to one or more highlights.
  • The title of an Instagram Story Highlight can contain up to 16 characters. Make sure your content is concise, clear, and attracts attention.


Instagram Story Highlights is a great opportunity to change the purpose of your content and increase the call to action. If you are not getting enough views on your stories and posts, you can buy Instagram views from GPC. You will get real and genuine views on your posts, and this will increase your brand engagement.

Benefits of Using Instagram Story Highlights

With Instagram Story Highlights, you can target the potential audience for your content, so that they know and understand your work. Using Story Highlights has many benefits, like – 

  • Once someone views your Story Highlights, Instagram will automatically play the next item in your selected Instagram story “playlist”. This means more content will be displayed.
  • It allows you to share more about your teams and businesses on your profile, not just the disappearing Instagram feeds and stories. If there is content in Instagram Stories that resonates with the audience, add it directly to your highlights.
  • By adding content to the featured Instagram story icon, you can get super creative. It could be behind-the-scenes content, product launches, storytelling or special offers. You can also show a special occasion or do a series of stories or skills of operation methods. There are no restrictions on what you can use Highlights for!

In short, if you use Instagram Stories, you must add them to the Instagram Stories Highlights.  Make Your Profile Unique with Creative Highlights Icons

Once you have added your Instagram Stories to Highlights, the next thing you need to do is to get your audience to see it. But how can you get people to click on them?

You can bring the audience towards your Highlights by adding an amazing Instagram Stories Highlights icon to the cover image of each album!

How to use the Instagram Stories Highlights Icons:

  • You need to choose your Instagram Story Highlights template first. Each template aims to place the icon in the correct position to perfectly display it as a cover image.
  • Add the branding to the template by changing the text, icon color, background color, or font. If you need more icons, you can search from the website, or upload your own icon.
  • If necessary, change the highlight icon. 
  • Add templates (and icons) to a 24 hours live Instagram story. Once the icon image is included in your story, it will be provided in your story archive and can be added back as a cover image to the “Featured Collection”.
  • When you create a new Story Highlight, add the images and videos that you want to include. Be sure to include the icon image that will become the cover image.
  • Add the cover image of your choice to the story point. Don’t forget to notify people who can find the essentials!


With all this information on Instagram Story Highlights, you are set to rock your profile. Keep all the little details we have discussed in mind while creating Story Highlights. Create your own Highlights today and see the increased views and engagement on your posts.

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