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How Can Businesses Leverage The Instagram Explore Page

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Instagram is undoubtedly at the top spot for businesses to communicate with their audience and build awareness about their brand. It has features created specifically for businesses to connect with prospective audiences most effectively - like the  Explore page. 

In this article, we will explore the methods and techniques businesses can use to exploit the Instagram Explore page efficiently and significantly enhance their visibility, engagement, and, ultimately, the expansion of their brand.

What is Instagram’s Explore Page?

Instagram Explore page is a powerful feature that helps businesses gain tremendous exposure with fewer resources. 

Located just under the search bar, the Instagram Explore page enriches its users with a plethora of content based on predictive analysis. The Instagram algorithm, based on users' previous activities and watching, loads their Explore page with the type of content they like. 

The Explore page is different for every account, based on the posts they have engaged with. In short, it is like a dedicated page featuring the content that is relevant to you. 

If we talk from a business perspective then the explore page is a dedicated space where your posts get featured to your targeted audience and help you garner more attention. 

How Does The Instagram Explore Page Algorithm Work?

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Instagram uses a feed ranking system to curate the Explore page based on past personal activities. Explore page algorithms use machine learning to decide what to display. “Unconnected recommendation system,” is used to identify each user's activities to filter the posts for his/her Explore page. 

The Instagram algorithm further ranks these posts based on the following factors:

  • Fresh posts with a lot of engagement

  • Content you frequently engage with

  • Type of content getting engagement from people you follow 

  • Accounts you are following 

To understand it in a better way, suppose an Instagram user who mainly watches food reels, her Explore page will be filled with related feeds. So, if you are a food giant or into the food industry, you can benefit from this by reaching the screens of your targeted clients. 

Tips To Get Your Business On Instagram Explore Page

Getting on the Instagram Explore Page can benefit your brand. But not every business can get on their targeted audience’s Explore page. The Instagram algorithm favors pages that people interact with the most. 

To let your audience interact with you more, you will need a well-defined strategy, and a few strategic tips to help you get on the screens of your prospective clients. 

A few tips that you can follow to get your business on Instagram Explore page are: 

Tip 1: Use Relevant Hashtags

Utilizing hashtags on Instagram is like providing a certain category to your posts. When a person searches for a hashtag, they are shown all the posts having that hashtag. If your post has relevant hashtags, people are searching for, your chances are more to get on their search results. 

This increases your visibility and chances of being featured on the Instagram Explore page. Therefore, it is essential to utilize hashtags related to your company and the post. 

(Image source:

Tip 2: Post at Optimal Times

The timing of your posts is essential for the business's visibility on Instagram. You aim to engage your audience when they are at their peak activity on the platform. It is important to review your Instagram Insights to determine when your followers are most active.

Although typical peak hours are 11 am-1 pm and 5 pm-6 pm on weekdays. The data may differ depending on the demographics and location of your audience.

Tip 3: Create Engaging Captions

Captions provide an opportunity to narrate a story, pose inquiries, or convey intriguing perspectives alongside your visuals. An engaging caption has the power to grab users' attention and prompt them to interact with your post. 

The more engaging the caption, the more likely the audience will engage with it. The more engagement, the more likely you are to land on the Explore page. 

Tip 4: Try Reels

Short, entertaining videos known as reels have become extremely popular on Instagram. Utilizing reels can expand your content's audience by making it more engaging, which in turn increases the chances of showing up on the Explore page. 

Inject creativity into your Reels by displaying your products or services in an entertaining and captivating manner.

Tip 5: Use Instagram Explore Ads

The Explore section of Instagram is a fantastic place to discover fresh content such as interesting photos, videos, and products to purchase. A large number of individuals visit it monthly, regardless of whether they are not following those accounts. 

Running Explore Ads gives businesses a chance to reach their potential clients, who are not even following them. 

Tip 6: Post Frequently

Posting content frequently, such as once or twice daily, ensures that your account remains engaged. This signals Instagram that you frequently share appealing content. 

Therefore, reaching out to the Instagram Explore page increases the chance of your posts being seen by a larger audience.

Tip 7: Utilize Instagram Live

Instagram Live enables you to engage with your audience instantly. You have the option to organize Q&A sessions, offer behind-the-scenes views, introduce new products, or hold live tutorials.

Interacting directly with your followers helps get more engagement and thus increases the chances to land on Instagram Explore page.

Tip 8: Engage with influencers with a large following

Collaborating with influencers or other companies can increase your exposure and introduce your business to different audiences through their presence on Explore Page. 

Search for influencers who share similar values with your brand and whose audience aligns with your desired demographic. Work together on sponsored content, contests, or shared events to benefit from each other's audience.

Tip 9: Create content for your target audience 

Recognizing your audience's likes, hobbies, and actions is essential for developing content that connects with them. Use Instagram Insights to collect information on your followers' age, gender, activity trends, and favorite content types. 

Examine your Explore feed to discover patterns and subjects that attract your desired audience. This will increase your engagement and, hence, your chances of landing on the Explore Page.

How Can Leveraging the Explore Page Grow Your Brand?

According to statistics, nearly half of Instagram users visit the Explore page daily, which is significant. It is an excellent opportunity to connect with your desired audience and attract new ones. 

Here is how Explore Page can benefit your brand.

Advantage 1: Increased engagement

When users enjoy content on the Explore page, they frequently engage by liking, commenting, or sharing it with their friends. On the Explore page, you have more chances to reach even the audiences that are not following you. This increases the engagement of your post.

Advantage 2: More followers. 

On the Explore page, the content has more chances to reach people who have similar interests or are more likely to engage with content. Your brand can reach individuals who are inclined to be interested in your content, potentially leading to an increase in followers.

Advantage 3: More conversions.

Showing your posts on the Explore page is highly likely to push traffic to your post because of increased attention and high engagement. This intentional exposure heightens the chances of attracting users who really have an interest in what you are selling, which eventually results in high engagement rates, click-throughs, and subsequently, conversions.

Advantage 4: Create brand awareness.

Explore page powers you to reach audiences that are not even following you and are interested in similar types of content, hence creating brand awareness among the masses. 

Advantage 5: Exposure to the targeted audience.

The Explore page displays content according to individual preferences. Therefore, if your content is showcased there, it increases the chances of being viewed by individuals interested in your offerings. By doing that, you are connecting with the specific audience you aim to draw in.

Why do Businesses Need To Analyze Instagram Explore Page Metrics?

Analyzing and tracking Instagram Explore Page data is similar to having a guiding map and companion for achieving success on Instagram's Explore page. It assists companies in comprehending effective strategies, making informed choices, conducting experiments to expand, and finally, reaching their goals on the platform. 

Here's why it's super important:

1. Understanding What Works and What Doesn't

Instagram analytic tools serve as evaluators, aiding companies in identifying successful strategies and areas for growth.

2. Making Informed Decisions 

Utilizing metrics assists in making informed decisions concerning their strategy, such as deciding whether to continue sharing Reels, determining posting frequency, and identifying the most engaging content for their audience.

3. Testing, Refining, and Growing 

By examining metrics on the Explore Page, companies can experiment with various tactics, adjust their methods according to successful outcomes, and enhance their visibility on the Explore page Instagram.

4 Key Instagram Explore Page Metrics 

Are you interested in understanding the key numbers to focus on when analyzing the performance of your Instagram Explore Page posts? Check these key Instagram metrics to ensure that your business is thriving on Instagram Explore Page:

Metrics 1: Reach

Reach informs you of the number of individuals who have viewed your posts on the Explore page. 

Metrics 2: Engagement 

Engagement is determined by the level of interaction people have with your posts. This consists of likes, comments, shares, and saves you get on your Explore page’s post. 

Metrics 3: Share

The frequency with which people share your Explore post with others on Instagram indicates that your content is engaging enough to pass along to their friends.

Metrics 4: External Link Clicks

This indicates the number of times individuals have clicked on a hyperlink within your Explore page’s post that redirects to a different website. 


To sum up, utilizing the Instagram Explore Page offers businesses and influencers a unique chance to increase their audience, interact with their target demographic, and ultimately enhance their brand presence on the platform. 

Utilizing the Instagram Explore Page can boost brand growth and visibility in the constantly changing realm of social media by dedicating creativity and understanding your audience.


#1. What is Instagram’s Explore Page?

The Explore Page on Instagram is a feature that allows users to find new content that is specifically chosen to match their preferences, including posts, stories, and IGTV videos from accounts they haven't started following yet.

#2. How can businesses leverage the Instagram Explore Page? 

Businesses can take advantage of the Explore Page to boost brand awareness through the creation of compelling content that connects with their desired audience, while also utilizing appropriate hashtags to enhance their visibility.

#3. How does the Instagram Explore page algorithm work? 

The Instagram Explore page algorithm functions by examining user actions, likes, comments, and engagements, to customize content suggestions according to each person's likes and preferences.

#4. How to get your posts on the Explore Page?

For a better chance of your posts showing up on the Explore Page, use appropriate hashtags, post at the best times, have interesting captions, post often, and attract visitors to your profile.

#5. How to reset the Instagram Explore Page?

For resetting your Instagram Explore Page, navigate to the Explore page, click on the three dots at the top right, choose "Refresh Explore," and then confirm by clicking "Refresh.".

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