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Date Publish: Nov 10, 2023


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How to Add a Link to Your Instagram BIO?

Your Instagram bio provides you an opportunity to target your prospective Instagram followers and ideal audience and tell them what you and your business are all about. 

If your audience likes what they see, they are more likely to tap the follow button and check out your posts and share their appreciation for them in terms of real Instagram likes and views.

You have a maximum of 150 characters limit to cover your brand identity, mission statement, value, CTA, and more in your bio.

And you have to be specific with all these.

Now, coming to one of the most important elements that you must not skip is- adding a link in your Instagram bio. 

The link is where you will be promoting your target audience to go. It could be your website URL, a landing page, an online store, another social media channel like YouTube, or more. So, whatever link you add to your profile it should be well strategized as per your business goals. 

Also, you can add a maximum of one link only in your Instagram bio. Your bio is the only section in your Instagram profile where you are allowed to add a link for free. 

Otherwise, you can only add links to your Instagram stories when you have more than 10K followers or when you are running sponsored ads.

How to Add a Clickable Link to your Instagram Bio?

Adding a link to your Instagram bio will allow you to direct the traffic to your website or any other mode. 

It is extremely beneficial for people who are running a business page on Instagram as they can direct their active Instagram followers and target audience towards their products and services. 

Here are a few steps that will guide you to edit your Instagram bio and add a link to your website.

Step 1: Visit your Instagram Profile

  • Open the Instagram app on your mobile phone.
  • Navigate to the profile page by tapping on the small photo icon located on the bottom right of your screen.

Step 2: Edit your Instagram Settings

  • Tap the “Edit Profile” button on the top of the profile page. Now, you can customize or edit any of the information visible on your profile page. 
  • You can write a description of your business or talk about yourself using a maximum of 150 characters.
  • You can also add links to other profiles by putting “@” followed by the profile that you want to mention.
  • You can add specific hashtags by adding “#” followed by the hashtag that associates with your page.

Step 3: Add a Link

  • Under the field labeled as “website”, you can add a link that will direct your Instagram followers and targeted audience to your website.
  • Tap “Done” to save the changes. 

You can apply these steps to the latest version of Instagram 37.0 on iOS. 

Also, if you are on a desktop, you can edit the bio on the Instagram website. For this, go to your profile and click on “Edit Profile” located next to your name. 

When you edit the bio text field with hashtags, you will see the Instagram will suggest you some of the popular hashtags just like it suggests hashtags when you are adding them up in the caption of a particular Instagram post. 

On the right of your screen, you will see the Instagram profile of users who are using hashtags, profile links, and more.

So, now you have the option to tag other pages that you identify with. You can do this right below your Instagram profile picture. 

For example, if you are having a personal profile on Instagram and want to mention the profile of the company where you are working, so you can mention them using @companyname. 

This will inform your targeted Instagram followers that you are associated with the specific brand or company.

However, remember that users who don’t want their profile to be tagged in your Instagram bio have the option to un-tag themselves. If they do so their name will be removed from your bio.    

It is recommended to only mention profiles that you know would agree to be associated with you.

What are the Types of Links you can add on Instagram?

Before using a link on your Instagram profile, you need to understand how many types of links are there and what is the difference between them.

For every brand, it is important to choose a short URL instead of an ugly long one which will hamper the visual appearance of your bio and possibly annoy the audience with its length.

So, you are going to use a short link. Within short links, you have two choices- a generic short URL or a custom URL/ Branded link like

When you have a look at these two, which one do you find better? The branded link, for sure.

We all know that Instagram is all about visual marketing through photos, videos, and more. So, making the most of any visual elements in your profile including your link is important to get the desired number of real Instagram views for your profile content.  

To put this into reality, you can use a branded link and drive your users to multiple destinations. There are some bio link tools that help you to host the links of several pages on a single page that is displayed when your single bio link is clicked by a user. 

This helps when you want to add several links to your Instagram bios like a website URL, social media channel, product landing page, and more. 

So, why not try this and drive your audience towards all the pages where you want them to go and they shall check out what you have got to offer them.

What are the Benefits of Adding a Branded Link to your Instagram Bio?

There are several benefits of adding a branded link to your website besides getting more visitors to your website. So, let’s explore these:

  • The Links are Memorable

Branded links are memorable so they are likely to create a better impact on the minds of your users. No matter if the audience chooses to not click on the link but there are high chances of them remembering the link and being able to directly visit them later on. 

Also, these links encourage word-of-mouth referrals which is the best form of promotion for a brand and drives their business ahead. So, add a link with which you can grab more customers for your business.

  • You can Edit the Links

Generic links on your Instagram bio directs users to a single destination only, for example, your website home page or blog post, etc. 

Now, suppose if you have updated your blog section and want to switch that link with a new one. 

You have to do this every single time you publish a new blog on your website. Sounds, like a nightmare, right? 

Even when you use a single branded link in your bio using a link management tool, you can edit the destination URL anytime without the need to remove the link from your bio. 

  • Offer in depth-analytics

With generic links, you can only get the basic tracking insights that how many links clicks you have gotten from the users. You can’t get much information about this.

Using branded links, you can see any information from the time of the day they were clicked to the date on which they were clicked. You can check where the link clicks were from existing users or new visitors and the device that they were using.

The data is quite useful to see what type of content your target audience is interested in seeing which will help you a lot with your targeting strategy. 

  • Helps you to Grow your Audience

Using branded links, you can retarget your audience. Usually, when you want to retarget your audience, you need to direct them to your website, blog, or any other landing page. For example, for people who don’t know retargeting here works by adding a piece of javascript code to the header of your website. 

After this, whenever a new visitor hits a page on your website, they will get pixeled. Basically, it means that you have added a small tag to these users and filtered them into your retargeting audience in Google Analytics. 

So, you can use retargeting ads and follow these prospective customers at any time through different platforms.

Final Words

So, now we have explained to you all that you needed to know about adding a little link to your Instagram bio. 

Now, that you know that the link can act as a crucial marketing asset for your profile, so why not try it for yourself.

Also, adding a link to your Instagram profile is not enough to get the desired visibility for your page. So, if you need help with growing your audience, you can buy Instagram followers from

Here you will find high-quality Instagram likes and followers for your account with an instant delivery option that will not only boost your profile’s visibility and reachability but also your credibility in the eyes of the visitors. 

Don’t forget to share with us how you plan to use the branded links to generate traffic to your website or achieve other goals of your business. 

Let us know what you are going to do in the comments below. 

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