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Date Publish: Nov 10, 2023


Last Modified: Apr 24, 2024

How to Turn Off Instagram Activity Status

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Instagram was originally just a pic-sharing platform, but now it does more than just provide photos. But with the growing popularity, many new features have been added to Instagram. Now people are building their career over this app by generating more Instagram views and followers. Among the bunch of features added, a new feature called “Activity Status,” lets you know when your friends are online and can send you text messages.

Talking about this new feature, it implemented in January. When your friends are active on Instagram, a green dot will appear next to their profile photo in the DM’s inbox and on your friend’s list. “Friends” are classified as anyone who has common active Instagram followers with you and has a DM conversation with you.

Although this may be beneficial to some, it’s also nice to know how to turn off “activity status” on Instagram. While this may help, you may not always want your friends to know your activity status on Instagram. If you want to browse the feed freely without getting caught in a conversation, rest assured, you can easily find a solution to this update.

Instagram remembers the last time you checked the app, and it is open by default. If you recently checked your Instagram account, this feature will notify other users when you were last active.

People you follow or talk to directly on Instagram can see the time of your last activity. But again, if you don’t want others to see you, you can easily hide your status and disable the ability to see when your friends are active in settings.

In this article, we will share the step-by-step guide with you on how to disable the activity status on Instagram. This is a simple process and will take only a few minutes to do this. But before doing this, remember that after turning off the activity status, you will not see anyone else’s activity.

Guide on How to Turn off Activity Status For Mobile Application

Step 1: Open the Instagram application on your iOS or Android phone.

Step 2: Next, go to “Profile” and click “Menu” (three horizontal lines).

Step 3: On the new page, click Settings. When you scroll down to “Settings” at the bottom of the page, you will see a page option called “Activity Status”. Pressing the button will display the switch that you can turn off.

The page says: “Please allow the accounts you follow and the messages you receive to check the time of the last activity in the Instagram application. After disabling this feature, you will not be able to see the activity status of other accounts.” To prevent other users from seeing to reach your active status on Instagram, just make sure to flip the switch to the left.

For Instagram on Browser

If you use Instagram on your computer or mobile browser, you must perform different steps.

Step 1: Visit on your computer or mobile browser.

Step 2: Click the “Menu” icon, and then click “Settings”.

Step 3: Click “Privacy and Security” and then click to uncheck the box next to “Show Activity Status”.


As with most app updates, installing this update won’t just magically appear on your phone. It also includes the steps required to update Instagram. If there is no “active status” popup in the app, please log into the app store and check for available updates.

If you don’t see this update, it’s not available yet. However, if you see an update available for download, keep updating the app. After the update, you should be able to open the app and see who is active on your Instagram account.

Knowing what your friends are doing at any given time due to social media is a blessing and a curse. There is nothing wrong with setting limits, so you need to know how to turn them on and off as needed.

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