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Date Publish: Nov 10, 2023


Last Modified: Apr 19, 2024

Instagram Bio for Business | (2024 updated)

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Instagram is the best social media platform that allows you to interact visually with your audience. With over 500 million active users every day and 80% of Instagram accounts are dedicated to at least one business, you have the opportunity to engage with a huge potential audience. With these, every marketer on the platform needs an excellent Instagram bio. It will also help you in attracting more Instagram followers.

Here, potential customers can learn more about your brand, try to build relationships, and at least increase some traffic to your website. However, it is difficult to describe the business perfectly in such a small space.

For a perfect Instagram bio, you can only use 150 characters, so each character must be used carefully. Marketers can take any measures to optimize and perfect your Instagram bio, which will help your brand stand out from the ever-expanding competition.

This will have an impact on such a small space, so if you don’t try your best to get the most out of your Instagram bio, you will suffer. Whether you are a popular international brand, a smaller agency or a start-up, Instagram Bio is a high-value, low-cost form of an update. You can also checkout out article on Instagram Captions for Sisters.

Instagram Bio for Business What Makes Instagram Bio Great?

Your Instagram bio should only use 150 characters to accomplish several very important things. You need to:

  • Follow their profile and tell your audience what to expect.
  • Really interact with people.
  • Attract followers to click back to your website.

A great Instagram bio can do all of these things and thus help drive traffic back to your website.

Strategies for Creating the Perfect Instagram Bio for your Business

The following strategies will help you make a perfect bio on Instagram. Using these examples can help you brainstorm and write the right message in the best way, but when you sit down and write your own message, make sure that your bio is unique to your brand!

A Clear Value Proposition

First, your Instagram bio should tell people your exact identity. A clear and concise description of your company and the products or services it provides is very important.

Let’s look at an example, HubSpot. HubSpot, an inbound marketing software provider, does a great job with their profile. HubSpot uses their bio so that the audience knows exactly what value they can provide. They will take the initiative to answer questions that potential customers may have about their service. Therefore, check your Instagram bio immediately and make sure to answer the following questions:

  • What does your business provide? 
  • Do I have to use all of your company’s products to succeed? 
  • Where can I get more information about your business? 

Attract the Audience

You don’t have much space to talk about your business in 150 characters. You can try to simplify your value proposition in one sentence, or you can have some fun from it.

Showing your personality on your Instagram bio is a great way to connect with your audience.

For example, Pizza man Totinos from “Frozen” uses her Instagram to play a fictional character named Pete Zaroll. Pete Zaroll’s “Pizza Roll” is smart and provides Totinos with a way to connect with fans on a personal level. They can share memes and enjoy the content with quirky pizza roll characters.

The typical Instagram profile allows Totinos to adopt a brand image that is not 100% dedicated to selling its products. They can use each post as a way to talk about their brand from Pete’s perspective. This is a great way to add content to your marketing campaign and make your audience laugh.

Depict Your Personality Through Emojis

By adding emoji to your Instagram bio, you can add visual effects to blocks that were originally plain text. You can use emojis to emphasize the description and show certain brand personality.

Placing the appropriate emoji can also enhance the specific message you want to show your audience, but it’s important to know that this may not apply to all brands. Make sure to consider the audience and company brand. If emojis don’t add value to your brand, don’t use them.

The jeweler Divinity LA bracelet used some emojis in the right place to enhance the mood on his Instagram profile.

Divinity LA targets millennial women as its main audience. The handmade accessories they make can help support those intimate and intimate markets. Their customers choose to buy each bracelet to support different charities around the world.

Divinity LA used four emojis on their creatures to enhance their ability to try to tell followers. Each emoji on their Instagram bio represents a different core aspect of their brand values ​​and ideals.

Show New Promotional Offers

You can also use Instagram Bio to help promote new, timely offers. This is a great way to continually get more value from your space. Music streaming provider Spotify does this regularly, changing Instagram bio to promote new offerings or highlight popular musicians.

The content of the Spotify resumes is simple; They use two short sentences to explain why people benefit from this service. They also use the space to promote Snapchat and links to specific playlists.

By linking your web player instead of the login page or home page, Spotify can allow your audience to start using your service right away. This low barrier to entry helps demonstrate its ease of use to people unfamiliar with the Spotify interface.

Combine the Relevant Hashtags

Use hashtags to build communities and leverage user-generated content. UGC helps your brand connect with the audience and gives them a way to engage in the conversation. This is also a good way to keep track of work participation.

Bookmark these custom hashtags on your profile so followers know how to use them in your feed.

You can promote hashtags on your Instagram resume in the following ways:

  • Let your followers know how they use custom hashtags in their feeds.
  • Drive people to a specific landing page and they can see what to buy based on these images.

Generate Strong Call to Action

You can use your resume to help customers attract potential customers by explaining the potential revenue they earn from the link.

Take HelloFresh as an example.

HelloFresh will tell your audience what kind of service they provide and add custom tags to the images of your followers. They also inform potential customers that they will receive a $30 discount on the first HelloFresh delivery at the link.

This type of coupon provides a great way to get customers back to your website. Offer rewards to anyone who clicks on a link on your website.

HelloFresh continues the conversation on its dedicated Instagram homepage, which is only for people who click on the link and show interest in the $30 discount offer.

Offer Important Company Information

Your Instagram bio is another great place to provide important information about your business. Since your space is limited, you need to make sure the information is clear and clear.

If your business has other geographic locations besides online businesses, including those locations in your Instagram resume may help.

Blue Bottle Coffee does a great job in this regard. The audience was told that physical cafes could be found in seven different cities. This way, if someone wants to search your store in person, they will know where to start.

From an exclusive online business to a physical store is a big step; it can help you advertise on your Instagram profile. You can also use location-specific hashtags to let local followers know that you want to enter their area, and they can help expand that update by sharing with your audience.

Include Social Proof

Talking about your brand or business on your Instagram bio is helpful, but when you include social proof, you can use outside sources to back up your claim. Social proof allows you to speak about your brand with more authority.

It’s no secret that word of mouth and recommendations from family and friends are more reliable than anyone else. In fact, 84% of people completely believe these suggestions, which is amazing!

Author, podcaster, and blogger Tim Ferriss has done a great job using social proof on Instagram resumes. Tim Ferriss let the audience know that this is the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal’s biggest bestseller, including the titles of the two books.

He has been talking about his podcast, which has more than 200 million downloads. By adding this information, Tim Ferriss is not only showing the audience that you have the right to comment on specific topics, but also promoting your product. This gives people a reason to click on your podcast link because they already know how much value you have provided in the past.


A perfect Instagram bio can be interesting, it can be serious, and it contains social proof or helps build a community. See what your audience wants and find out what is best for your business. By optimizing your Instagram bio, you can help attract relevant and interesting website traffic.

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