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15+ Instagram Bio Ideas For Business |

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Do you want to find a unique Instagram bio for your business? Discover your perfect bio tagline from our curated list of Instagram bio ideas. 

Whether you have a fitness account or are dealing in jewelry, we have bio ideas to make your IG profile stand out! As a business, your Instagram bio is important. It tells your story and sells your products; therefore, choosing a unique one is important. 

We will discover creative bio ideas, learn more about its essential elements, and help you update your Instagram profile with interesting Instagram bio ideas for your business.

15+ Instagram Bio Ideas For Business Account

From a bakery business to fitness influencers, here are the best Instagram bio ideas for each type of account. Try out these ideas; you can copy-paste them or add your personal touch; the choice is all yours: 

1. Food Business

If you own a restaurant, here are some Instagram bio ideas for a food business that you can add to your profile and create a unique bio: 

  • Idea 1: Bringing deliciousness to your feed. 

  • Idea 2: Where every bite tells a story.

  • Idea 3: Your ultimate destination for foodie inspiration.

  • Idea 4: From farm to fork, we're passionate about quality ingredients.

  • Idea 5: Feed your cravings with our culinary creations! 

2. Bakery Business

You can highlight your bakery’s specialties on your bio and even prompt more people to order online. These Instagram bio ideas for bakery business are worth a try: 

  • Idea 1: Life is short; let’s eat dessert first!

  • Idea 2: Baking smiles daily! Bringing sweetness to your feed.

  • Idea 3: Sugar, spice, and everything nice - that's us!

  • Idea 4: Sweetness overloaded! Explore our irresistible creations here!

  • Idea 5: Handcrafted happiness straight from our oven to your heart.

3. Beauty Business

When there are more beauty businesses than ever, you need a creative bio to stand out. These are some Instagram bio ideas for beauty businesses you can experiment with: 

  • Idea 1: Beauty is our canvas; you're the masterpiece!

  • Idea 2: Empowering beauty, inside and out! Let's redefine standards 

  • Idea 3: Beauty beyond boundaries! Where self-love shines brightest.

  • Idea 4: Your go-to for all things glam  #GlowUpZone

  • Idea 5: Celebrating individuality and enhancing natural beauty! 

4. Lash Business

If you want more profile visitors to sign up for your latest lash collection, use your bio to attract them first. These Instagram bio ideas for lash business will let you achieve just that!

  • Idea 1: Lashes that slay all day. Your go-to salon for glamorous eyes. 

  • Idea 2: Your dream lashes await! Let's glam up your look today!

  • Idea 3: Lash perfection is our passion. Enhance your natural beauty with us. 

  • Idea 4: Lash extensions because your eyes deserve VIP treatment. 

  • Idea 5: Let your lashes do the talking.#LashMagic

5. Fashion Business

As a fashion business, your Instagram account is your virtual storefront. If you want more visitors, highlight what you offer in your bio. Following Instagram bio ideas for fashion business can be a great start:

  • Idea 1: Bringing runway vibes to your everyday style.

  • Idea 2: Curating trends, crafting elegance. Your go-to for all things chic.

  • Idea 3: Inspiring trends, empowering you. Join the fashion revolution. 

  • Idea 4: From classic to cutting-edge, we've got your style covered.  

  • Idea 5: Fashion is our language; elegance is our dialect. Your Go-to Fashion Store. 

6. Clothing Business

If you have a physical shop or an online clothing business, you can try out these unique Instagram bio ideas for clothing business: 

  • Idea 1: Dress like you're already famous|Find your spotlight style #StandOut

  • Idea 2: Outfitting the modern muse| Embrace your individuality #StyleInspo

  • Idea 3: Your wardrobe deserves an upgrade. Let us help you. 

  • Idea 4: Where trends meet comfort, explore our collection!

  • Idea 5: Fashion that fits your vibe, not just your body. 

7. Jewelry Business

Whether you are selling handcrafted artisan pieces or modern jewelry, let your customers know that from your bio. These Instagram bio ideas for jewelry business can help you reflect your brand’s aesthetic. 

  • Idea 1: Find your statement piece. Let our jewelry reflect your unique style.

  • Idea 2: Express yourself with exquisite jewelry designs #JewelryDesign

  • Idea 3: Crafted with love, worn with pride!  #CustomCraftedJewels

  • Idea 4: Experience the allure of bespoke jewelry. Shop handcrafted jewels!

  • Idea 5: Timeless pieces for timeless elegance. Handcrafted jewelry for every occasion

8. Craft Business

Many people try to find craft businesses on Instagram. If you are an artist selling your art pieces, you need to know these new and unique Instagram bio ideas for craft business: 

  • Idea 1: Bringing your Pinterest dreams to life. Custom orders welcome

  • Idea 2: From our hands to your heart! Unique handmade gifts for every occasion

  • Idea 3: Let's craft something beautiful together! Handmade Art Pieces!

  • Idea 4: Custom art pieces & artisanal crafts with a personal touch. #CraftedWithCare

  • Idea 5: From canvas to creation, we're your artistic destination! Handcrafted art & bespoke designs.

9. Fitness Business

If you are a fitness business offering personal training or fitness coaching via trainers, we also have a list of Instagram bio ideas for fitness business: 

  • Idea 1: Sweat, smile, repeat. Join our fitness tribe today!

  • Idea 2: Transform your body, transform your life. Let's get fit together!

  • Idea 3: Stronger, faster, better. Your fitness journey starts here.

  • Idea 4: Helping you build a better body! Let's make every rep count! 

  • Idea 5: Your body is your greatest investment. Find Fitness coaching for a stronger, happier you!

10. Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, you can highlight your expertise and achievements in your Instagram bio. Try  out these new Instagram bio ideas for entrepreneurs: 

  • Idea 1: CEO of my own journey, architect of my destiny.

  • Idea 2: Hustling hard, dreaming big, making it happen. 

  • Idea 3: Risk-taker, innovator, game-changer. Let's disrupt the status quo.

  • Idea 4: From idea to impact. CEO & Founder. #EntrepreneurLife #StartupJourney

  • Idea 5: Every setback is a setup for a comeback. Join me as I conquer newer challenges #Resilience

11. Businesswoman

If you are a businesswoman, reflect your position and achievements in your bio. These Instagram bio ideas for businesswomen can be a great start: 

  • Idea 1: Chasing Dreams, Not Deadlines | Businesswoman |

  • Idea 2: Breaking molds & building brands | CEO | 

  • Idea 3: Fuelled by caffeine & ambition | Entrepreneur 

  • Idea 4: Passionate about profit & purpose | Founder & CEO |

  • Idea 5: Juggling motherhood & entrepreneurship with style | CEO |

12. Content Creators

As a content creator, you can give a snapshot of your persoanlity in your bio. Here are some fun Instagram ideas for content creators: 

  • Idea 1: Lights, camera, content! Join me on my creative journey!

  • Idea 2: Turning dreams into pixels and pixels into reality#DigitalStoryteller

  • Idea 3: Harmonizing life's melodies. | Musician | Content Creator | #MusicalJourney

  • Idea 4: Turning dreams into reels. | Writer| Filmmaker |

  • Idea 5: Exploring, creating, and inspiring. | Content Creator | Wanderer |

13. Bloggers

Whether you blog your adventures or record your daily life, with these Instagram bio ideas for bloggers, you can effortlessly convey your passion in just a few lines.

  • Idea 1: Life behind the lens. Welcome to my digital diary!

  • Idea 2: Life is a movie, and you are the director. So film and dream!

  • Idea 3: My unscripted life. |Visual Stories|  One new video daily. 

  • Idea 4: Filming life's moments, one frame at a time.

  • Idea 5: Documenting life's twists and turns. Hit follow to never miss an update. 

14. Travel Influencers

If you are a travel enthusiast, these Instagram bio ideas for travel influencers will definitely elevate your profile: 

  • Idea 1: From city life to countryside. Documenting my adventures!

  • Idea 2: Sharing travel tips and tails. Capturing moments and memories!

  • Idea 3: On the go and online! A Digital Nomad’s Travel diaries.

  • Idea 4: Chasing sunsets and new horizons. Seeking beauty in every corner

  • Idea 5: Adventure awaits at every turn. Follow along as I journey through the world's wonders

15. Brands

From catchy slogans to compelling calls to action, with the proper bio, you can attract the right audience for your brand. Here are some Instagram bio ideas for brands you can get inspired from: 

  • Idea 1: Sustainable and stylish fashion. Find outfit inspo at (brand name)

  • Idea 2: Bringing creativity to life. Welcome to (brand name)

  • Idea 3: Embrace your inner beauty with [Brand Name]'s natural skincare essentials! #GlowingSkin

  • Idea 4: Lighting up your life with [Brand Name]'s sleek and modern fixtures!  #IlluminateYourSpace

  • Idea 5: Your go-to destination for all things (product niche). Explore the latest products at (brand name)

16. Digital Marketers

Whether you're a social media strategist, content creator, or SEO specialist, let your Instagram bio reflect your passion and proficiency. Here are some Instagram bio ideas for digital marketers: 

  • Idea 1: Find your digital marketing partner today. Join us to boost your online presence

  • Idea 2: Digital strategies that captivate and convert! | Marketing Strategist

  • Idea 3: Turning clicks into customers. #DigitalMarketingConsultant

  • Idea 4: Ready to take your brand online? Let’s collaborate!

  • Idea 5: Your online success starts here! Partner today to get strategies tailored to your brand. 

17. Tech Enthusiasts 

If you are into Tech sharing your journey on your Instagram account,  you can rely on these Instagram bio ideas for tech enthusiasts to create a unique bio: 

  • Idea 1: Bites and bytes of the tech world. Follow for the latest updates.

  • Idea 2: Code, coffee, and curiosity led me here. Let’s learn together!

  • Idea 3: Ctrl, Alt, Love: Tech enthusiast’s corner 

  • Idea 4: Passionate about innovation, coding, and everything in between.

  • Idea 5: Creativity+Technology=Innovation. Find how you can create with it!

18. eCommerce

You can drive more visitors to your e-commerce website with a compelling bio. To create one such bio, experiment with the latest Instagram bio ideas for eCommerce: 

  • Idea 1: Bringing the mall to your fingertips! Shop our diverse collection!

  • Idea 2: From essentials to indulgences, our stores have it all. Find the latest trends.

  • Idea 3: Curating the best of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle just for you!

  • Idea 4: Enjoy fast shipping and hassle-free returns on every order.

  • Idea 5: Bringing the best of [your niche] to your doorstep! Shop smarter; shop with us.

19. Small Business

Whether you sell flowers or are dealing in gifts and party essentials, we have fun and creative Instagram bio ideas for small business too!

  • Idea 1: From heartfelt gestures to unforgettable moments, find the perfect gift here!

  • Idea 2: Make celebrations unforgettable with our party essentials! Let's plan your perfect event.

  • Idea 3: Your neighborhood florist. Visit us for handcrafted arrangements in [Your City].

  • Idea 4: Embracing wellness, naturally! Discover our range of organic [Products/Services] for a healthier you.

  • Idea 5: Turning houses into homes with our cozy [Product/Service]! Welcome to comfort and style.

20. SaaS Company’s Instagram Bio Ideas

If you want to update the Instagram bio for your Saas Company, these Saas Company’s Instagram bio ideas can be a great fit: 

  • Idea 1: Simplifying processes, amplifying productivity. Discover our cutting-edge SaaS tools.

  • Idea 2: Revolutionize your business with our SaaS innovations! Discover our intuitive SaaS products.

  • Idea 3: Secure, scalable, and seamless SaaS solutions for your business needs! Let's innovate!

  • Idea 4: Find your business growth partner. Let's navigate the future of software together.

  • Idea 5: Elevate your business with our cloud-based SaaS solutions! Let's optimize your workflow together.

You can use these ideas and customize them as per your preference. Now, let’s understand why you must choose a perfect Instagram bio for your business and why it is important.  

Why Do Instagram Bios Matter For Businesses?

You might have created the best content on your business account, but if your bio isn’t “cool” enough, your customers might not visit your profile. 

And if your Instagram profile isn’t optimized with a compelling bio, the algorithm might not show it to your potential customers. 

Therefore, you must create an interesting bio on Instagram to reach more people and also experience the following benefits: 

1. Make a stronger first impression

Creating an Instagram bio that describes your business well can make a stronger first impression on people who visit your business account for the first time.

2. Improve your account’s discoverability 

Adding a detailed bio with a few related keywords to your business can improve your account’s visibility and help users find your business easily when they are searching for related terms. 

3. Reflect your brand identity to visitors 

Even though you can only add 150 characters to your bio, you still have the opportunity to reflect your brand’s voice, vision, and values in it and attract people’s attention. 

4. Enhance engagement and improve CTR

A great Instagram bio can attract more people to your profile if it hits that nerve with your target customers. This will also improve the click-through rate on your business account, adding to an enhanced engagement. 

Now that you understand the immense benefits of optimizing your Instagram bio let’s dig deeper to find what you can add to your bio to create a better business profile on Instagram. Use the ideas we discussed above and add these elements to stand out. 

7 Elements To Include In Your Instagram Bio For Business

On your Instagram profile, there are several other elements that enhance your brand image. Therefore, while adding your Instagram bio, also pay attention to these details to create an optimized Instagram profile: 

1. Business Name

You must add your business name while editing your bio. This name will be displayed on your profile, and when your customers visit your profile, they can easily spot your business with it. If your business name is taken, you can add a variation, like adding your city location along with it.

2. Business Category

As a business account owner, you can select your business’s category out of 1000+ category business categories supported by Instagram. So, while adding your bio, include your business category to help your customers find you on Instagram and improve the SEO of your profile.  

3. Profile Photo

While updating your Instagram bio, you must also select a profile photo for your account. If you have a business account, choosing a profile photo with your business logo is best. And if you are a creator, you can go ahead with a simple headshot. 

4. Contact Information

Instagram allows you to add multiple contact options, including your business email address or even WhatsApp phone number. You must add this contact information along with your bio so that your customers can connect with you easily and directly. 

5. Website Link

If you have your own website, you can include it along with your Instagram bio. The best thing to do is optimize those links for mobile phone users so that when your customers read your bio and click on the link, it can direct them to a page that is mobile-friendly and easy to navigate. 

6. CTA Button 

To initiate actions from your customers, you must combine a compelling bio with a CTA button. Instagram allows you to add CTA buttons while connecting them with third-party platforms like Resy and Schedulicity. You can add one for your business and enhance the effect of your compelling Instagram bio while it gets combined with a CTA.

7. Story Highlights

While story highlights don’t appear next to your Instagram bio, including them enhances the overall look of your Instagram profile. You can include product reviews, customer testimonials, and frequently asked questions of your customers in your story highlights and create a better profile. 

Adding these elements along with your Instagram bio can give your account a unique look compared to other brand profiles. This will also help you create an optimized Instagram profile that customers love, and algorithm likes. 

Final Thoughts: Change Your Bio And Attract More Customers

Instagram bios advertise your business to your potential customers and prompt them to scroll further on your profile. Since this one tagline has immense significance, you must keep it updated. 

So, try out these creative Instagram bio ideas or try coming up with your own unique business tagline. Update your Instagram bio along with crucial elements and give your profile a new look to attract more people to your profile!


1. What is a good Instagram bio for a business?

A great bio shows your brand’s identity and conveys to your customers who you are and how you can solve their problems. It is short and optimized for search. 

2. How can I add a link to my Instagram bio?

Go to your profile settings and select Edit Profile. There, tap on the Website field. Add your link in this text box, click " done, " and save changes. Your website link will now appear in your Instagram bio. 

3. What should I put in my small business bio?

After adding your business name, add your contact details and website link in your Instagram bio. Also, briefly mention the products or services you offer so that customers can identify your business easily.

4. How can I write a bio that stands out?

Use the words your target audience can relate with to create a compelling Instagram bio for business. Experiment with different tones and add emojis and humor to create a unique bio for your account.

5. Why should you optimize your Instagram bio?

Similar to how websites with better SEO rank on Google, Instagram profiles that are optimized have better discoverability on Instagram. Therefore, to reach your customers on Instagram, you must optimize your bio.

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