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Date Publish: Nov 10, 2023


Last Modified: Apr 19, 2024

Instagram Hashtags for Photography:

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Hashtags are beneficial to make your content more discoverable on Instagram and increase their reach and engagement rate.  

Photographers and influencers who want to promote and market their work on Instagram and grow a significant number of Instagram followers can use various photography hashtags for this purpose. The use of the right hashtags increases your chances of enjoying more Instagram followers and likes

Several photographers, whether professional or amateur, have developed their careers and earned massive popularity by utilizing the amazing benefits of Instagram. Being a photo and video sharing platform, Instagram has made it pretty easy for new photographers to create a portfolio and show their talent to the world.

However, there are millions of pictures uploaded regularly on Instagram, so sometimes it’s difficult to make your profile stand out. 

To tackle this, using hashtags is a great idea to grab the attention of the audience and gain more exposure for your content. It can boost the presence of your content on Instagram and specifically in the photographer’s world. 

Let’s explore some of the top hashtags for Instagram for different photography niches.

Instagram Hashtags for Photography Popular Photography Hashtags

Here are some of the most popular Instagram hashtags for photography. Using them would be great if you are building your following as a photographer on the platform. 

Keep in mind that the competition on these is too high due to their excessive popularity. It would be better to use a few of them alongside other relevant hashtags to increase your reach.

#picoftheday #instagood #instaphoto #photooftheday #snapshot #instadaily #photoshop #justgoshoot #moment #photographer #photographyaddict

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Nature Photography Hashtags

Nature photography is a hit on Instagram. If you want to reach the community of nature lovers and show them your photography skills, make sure to use these nature photography hashtags.

#naturelovers #naturephoto #naturedaily #worldnature #naturalworld #natureperfection #coloursofnature #fiftyshadesofnature #natureshots #natureseekers

Wedding Photography Hashtags

Who doesn’t love to share their wedding pics on Instagram? Wedding photography is another immensely popular niche on the platform. People love to share pictures of their pre-wedding shoots, wedding ceremony, and other festivities. Here are the top wedding photography hashtags that are quite popular.

#weddingblog #Weddingceremony #weddingmoments #weddingphoto #weddingplanning #weddingstyle #weddingphotography #weddinginspirations #weddingphotographer 

Wildlife Photography Hashtags

To please the animal lovers on Instagram, there’s a range of wildlife specific photography hashtags. You can use these hashtags to reach the right people who are interested in seeing your content and will probably shower it with their likes and comments. Use these wildlife hashtags along with the other relevant ones.

#wildphoto #wildlifeonearth #wildlifepicture #wildlifecaptures #wildlifeshots #wildlifeIG #wildlifecentral #wildlifeofinstagram #wildlifeseekers #wildlifepictures

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Fashion Photography Hashtags

If you love doing fashion photography, you have a great scope of growing your account on Instagram. Many influencers are present on the platform who share their photos daily highlighting, the latest trends in the fashion industry. Try these fashion photography hashtags to reach your targeted audience. 

#fashiondiaries #fashiondaily #fashionblogger #fashionart #lovefashion #fashionshoot #streetfashionstyle #fashionphotographer #fashionlovers #fashionoftheday

Landscape Photography Hashtags

For people who love going outdoors and capturing scenic beauty, Instagram is a great place to share landscape photography. Check out these highly engaging hashtags and use them for your landscape photography.

#landscapelovers #beautifullandscape #outdoors #mountains #scenicphotography #landscapeshot #nakedplanet #viewpoint #landscapephotography

Portrait Photography Hashtags

If you feel portrait photography is your specialty, you are good to go with these hashtags for growing your Instagram profile. 

#portraitoftheday #selfportrait #portraitshots #portraitphotography #portraitpage #discoverphotography #portraitperfection #portraitsfromtheworld

Food Photography Hashtags

Instagram is one of the best platforms for food bloggers who love to share their daily photos and updates. Also, it is a huge marketing platform for restaurants, bars, and bakeries to promote their products. You can use these top food photography hashtags to reach your target audience.

#food #foodfoodfood #foodies #foodstagramming #foodphotoaday #firstweeat #foodiegram #foodphotographer #foodofinstagram #foodphotography

Travel Photography Hashtags

In recent years, Instagram has earned great popularity among the community of travel bloggers. To make your content stand out amongst a range of travel photos, make sure to use these hashtags that are often used by travel seekers and lovers.

#traveltheworld #aroundtheworld #traveladdicts #travelscenes #tarvelstroke #lifewelltravelled #travelholic #letsexplore #letsseetheworld #travelenthusiasts

Final Words

Leverage the use of the above best Instagram hashtags and ensure that your content manages to grab the eyeballs of your targeted audience.

However, if you are unable to get your desired level of engagement and reach for your Instagram posts even after the use of the right hashtags, you can buy Instagram likes and views from

This will help you to build your profile, grab the attention of your audience, build trust and credibility, and grow your Instagram account quickly.

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