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Buy 300 Instagram Followers

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms, which connects the world. Uninstalling the application even for one day would make you feel like you are missing out on a lot of news, trends, memes, and juicy gossip. Recall what it was like to become popular, or to start a business two decades ago, or perhaps a decade ago. It was tough and reaching out to people was difficult.

Instagram has become a knight in shining armor for us. It has surpassed the popularity of all of its competitors. Now anyone with an Instagram account can project their skills and business, and get access to view the talents of people from all over the world.

There are multiple ways by which one can make their presence felt on Instagram - through posts, creative stories, number of likes, and most importantly the number of Instagram followers of a profile. Sometimes, there is also buying of Instagram followers taking place.

Why are Instagram followers important?

Instagram followers hold high importance because they play a significant role in increasing the reach of an account. They motivate an influencer or an entrepreneur to improve the quality of their profile. They give constant feedback to you and show a sense of loyalty towards your page. These followers get regular updates about your posts on their feed.

They will share your content with others if they like it. More people will view your profile and will follow you to stay tuned for more interesting content. They will also visit your websites linked in your Bio if you have any. All this would ultimately lead you to have a boost in your revenue from Instagram. This article will help you understand how to buy 300 Instagram Followers.

What does Buying an Instagram follower mean?

Buying Instagram followers refers to the tactic wherein users artificially and deliberately increase their popularity by increasing the number of their followers with the help of a third party - a service-providing company. These service providing companies help their customers in increasing the number of followers on their account mainly by two methods:

  • They follow their client's account from multiple fake accounts of their own and thus the number of followers is suddenly accelerated.
  • They use the method of reciprocity. They follow random people from their client's account, in a hope that they would follow their client's posts as a response to it.

Who would want to Buy 300 Instagram Followers?

Buying Instagram followers is usually chosen by different kinds of businesses and influencers on Instagram. When an account wants to avail of certain features like a verified account or the Swipe-Up feature on Instagram stories, they need to have a certain high number of followers.

The businesses which are just beginning to be established prefer having as many followers as they can, to boost their confidence level and in order to increase their reach and presence. For them, buying 300 followers would hold a lot of importance. When a page has just a few followers, and then the user buys 300 Instagram followers, the credibility of the page would increase as the audience would perceive it to be an established page.

Pros and Cons of Buying Instagram Followers:

Pros and cons are inevitable and all-pervasive. Here are a few brief pros and cons derived from buying Instagram followers:


  • Boosts the confidence of the user, thus enabling him/her to produce more and better content.
  • Saves time, effort, and need of the user to promote his/her page extensively.
  • Saves cost for paid promotion like advertisements.
  • Gives credibility to the profile of the business or the person by increasing the number of followers.
  • Increases the reach of the account and makes the presence of the user felt in the market of Instagram.
  • It increases the engagement of the Instagram page, thus also increasing the popularity and revenue.


  • There may be a threat to privacy and security as many companies may turn out to be scams, and would use bots or fake followers, which are easy to spot.
  • Choosing the correct and ideal company is difficult.
  • The followers often fall off after a while.
  • There is a very high risk of getting caught and being banned by Instagram if the application finds out the fake followers.
  • The loyalty of the audience, which is the key to the success of any person or company, will be broken and would damage the reputation.

Where to Buy 300 Instagram Followers from?

Many companies sell Instagram followers through their websites, but only a few sell the package with 300 followers. However, you can always choose to buy 3 units of the package for 100 followers, or any such packages which suit your requirements.

It is very crucial to choose a reliable and authentic company, which does not use bots to increase followers. Otherwise, it may land you up in trouble. Here are a few reliable companies, carefully picked out for you, along with their website links, that you can buy 300 Instagram followers from:

Getting Followers Organically (followers for free)

While there are many companies providing paid Instagram followers, it is advisable to try and get organic followers, with your own hard work. Apart from creativity, these are some other tips that can help you increase the followers on your Instagram profile:

The most important aspect is to be consistent in posting content. When you post regularly, the reach of your posts increases, and your presence on Instagram becomes stronger. Also, you need to optimally use the features provided by Instagram. Interact with your followers; it helps to increase your reach.

You can use Question Stickers, Polls, Countdown and Quiz features on Instagram Stories and figure out the type of content that your audience prefers; upgrade your content accordingly. Use appropriate hashtags while posting content. Update yourself with the ongoing Instagram Trends and show reflections of it in your content.
Understand your own content and maintain the relevance and interrelationship of the content; avoid posting content relating to a variety of topics. Follow others and they may reciprocate by following your account.Be honest with your audience and have a great amount of transparency in whatever you deliver. All this can easily ensure a good number of people willing to follow your account, which will keep escalating.


The companies providing a package of 300 Instagram followers are less, and so you may choose multiple packages with lesser followers to suit your needs. To buy 300 Instagram followers is easy but it may not turn out to be the best alternative. Buying Instagram followers may be riskier than organic followers, because Instagram may ban your account if they figure it out.

It is also important to identify the correct company from which you can buy followers. Now that you have a list of potential reliable companies to buy from, make a wise choice for yourself and your Instagram profile, increasing your reach and position in this very important social media application.

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