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We have a solution for it. The best effective way to buy youtube dislikes is from the web's leading site GPC. We can provide you 1 million plus YouTube dislikes within a short time period.

Our service is very powerful and useful to obstruct someone's video on Youtube! With our Service you can make sure that your competition does not gets ahead of you!

Why Should I Buy Youtube Dislikes?

Youtube Likes are the reflection of someone's popularity on Youtube. Gaining more youtube dislikes for videos will help you to increase the number of your dislikes on any competitors video who is uploading better content than you! This way when people will see that they have a lot of dislike on their video they will most likely not watch their video and could end up watching your video instead.

Why Should I Choose GPC?

Their are many reasons for choosing GPC as your social media service provider. Some of them are:


We respect the privacy of our customers and never spam.


Order can be delivered within a short time frame.


Our team is very efficient in delivering the service right on time!


You will get your YouTube Dislikes for a much affordable price from us!

Is your service in line with Youtube's terms?

Yes! Our service complies with Youtube's terms. We can provide you YouTube likes without following or subscribing to anyone.

Why are our prices so low of gpc?

We provide the lowest rates on the market because we want to give everyone an equal chance at building their popularity on YouTube! Another reason for our low rates is that we have high volumes of traffic running through out site which reduces the price for each order! We also have special campaigns running throughout the year where we have some really amazing deals! So stay tuned and grab our deals when they come your way!

Will I Get Banned From Youtube For Using GPC Services?

Our service is not against Youtube's terms. However, if you have been using our service from a very long time and suddenly stop receiving the likes then there might be a chance that your account might be marked as fake! In this case, we advise you to change your Youtube Channel Name and run a test campaign on your new name to make sure that everything is fine now!

Thighs To Know Before Buying Youtube Dislikes

  • Your films should adhere to YouTube's terms of service.
  • The more people who watch your films, the higher they will rank. If you want to rank better in YouTube search results, you might consider purchasing YouTube views for your videos.
  • Your material should be of good quality so that people will continue to watch it.
  • The average time varies according to your audience, but it normally climbs as your fan base expands.
  • You may use YouTube advertisements to promote your videos and channel, allowing more people to find them.
  • Always strive to increase your channel's subscriber base. Your videos will rank better if you have more subscribers.
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What are the payment options that you accept?

We accept all major Credit Cards, and bitcoin transactions.

How safe is it to buy your service?

Our website is protected by SSL encryption technology which means that any information given on our site will be encrypted before being transferred over the internet. This makes sure that there are no chances of anyone stealing or hacking into your account!

Will Anyone Know That I Bought Youtube Dislikes?

There are no chances of anyone knowing about your purchase. Our service is not detectable by any means since we provide the likes through our high quality proxies (Hence, No bot like activity or spam!)

How Long Will It Take To Get YouTube Dislikes?

We aim to get all orders within 24 hours of receiving payment. All orders are shipped out in bulk which brings down the time for getting each order done! However, Sometimes depending on how much orders there are at that time it might take up to 48 hours but you can be rest assured that your order will get done within 24 hours! We also do special offers where you can get your order completed in 12 hours so stay tuned for those too!

I Can't See Dislikes On The Video!

The first thing that you have to do is clear the browser Cache and then refresh the page. If still your likes are not showing up just send us a ticket with your order number and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


YouTube ranks videos based on a variety of factors, including view counts, likes, dislikes, average viewing time, and more. These are all crucial indicators that can propel your video to the top of search results. As a result, developing an effective social media marketing approach would be beneficial.

If a video has a large number of likes, it will appear flawless. However, it will not appear natural if it has thousands of likes but no dislikes. If you receive likes on your videos, you must also receive dislikes on YouTube in order for these likes to appear natural. Also, if you're having difficulties gaining likes, we have a service for that as well; just search for "buy YouTube likes." Trustpilot Reviews 4.9 out of 5 based on 9,287 reviews

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What our clients says

GPC you guys are amazing! Your service is so unique and inexpensive. Got 50% of dislikes to my competitor's video in just 2 hours!
- Chris P
"I purchased 200 likes and 100 dislikes from gpc and noticed that the likes were delivered within a few minutes but it took almost 24 hours to get 25% of the dislikes . Would like to know why? Overall great service though :-) "
- Tom John (Sydney, Australia)
" I bought 2,000 dislikes from GPC for a Youtuber and it worked "
- Bill L (Melbourne, Australia)
"I ordered 10,000 dislikes for one of competitor Youtubers and to my surprise they got more than what I ordered . Thank you GPC! "
- Chris S (New York, USA)
" I was very afraid that my competitor was getting ahead of me so I decided to buy dislikes for their video and to my surprise they got way more dislikes than they originally had. Thank you GPC! "
- Jonathan Perry (Sydney, Australia)
"Great service ! Fast , Reliable , Trusted... Dislikes were delivered within 3 hours. I will order again ."
- Jaxon Brown (Melbourne, Australia)
" I ordered 1000 dislikes for a competitor's video and was surprised to see the results. They received way more than 1000 dislikes and now this competitor has less than 100 likes and 1000+ dislikes . Thank you GPC! "
- James jones (Texas, USA)

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