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Date Publish: Nov 10, 2023


Last Modified: Apr 19, 2024

How to check who blocked you on Instagram?

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You might be wondering how to know whether anyone has blocked you on Instagram? Or what to do if they have blocked you? If you are sure that you have been blocked by someone on Instagram and want to know more about this, then you have come to the right place. 

Blocking someone is simply a privacy feature that can be used by anyone using Instagram. But this does not mean that you are their enemy now.

People do this very often because of small grudges or fights or when they no longer want to be in your touch. Or they might have been ‘friend dumped’ you, or perhaps they have just deactivated their Instagram account.

Now, if you want to find out if you have been blocked by someone, then the procedure for this is a little complex. There are many ways to find out which so-called ‘good friend’ of yours has blocked you on Instagram.

How to check who blocked you on Instagram? How to find out if a user has blocked you on Instagram?

If all of a sudden, you are not able to see someone’s Instagram posts or stories, then you might assume that the user has blocked you from being able to see their posts. And it is also possible that they have deleted their account or just stopped posting. Here are some ways to know if you have been blocked.

  1. The account which has blocked you will not be visible if you search on the search bar for it.
  2. If you somehow manage to see their profile page, you will not be able to view their posts. Instead of their Instagram feed, you will see the message ‘no posts yet’, even though their number of posts are visible on their account.
  3. Not only this, you will not be able to see their likes and comments on your posts. 
  4. You will not be able to send direct messages to them or receive messages from the account that has blocked you. 
  5. If their Instagram account is private, then their name will be visible on the search list. So, now they have either deactivated their account or blocked you.

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Have you been blocked, or they deleted their account?

There is a situation where you think that you have been blocked but in reality, their account has been deleted. So, how to tell what the situation is.

Then, the solution is simple. A deleted account will not be visible in the search bar, and if you see the account with a URL, you will get an error message. The message is an indication that the account no longer exists. 

But if you have been blocked, then the account is still there with a profile page saying ‘no posts yet’ despite the number of their posts being visible. Deleted profiles are never visible on Instagram. 

Can you see the list of profiles who have blocked you on Instagram?

Searching who has blocked you on Instagram needs proper investigation if you are not using any third-party application. It is because there is no completely available list of accounts that have blocked you. As Instagram wants to make it simple to block accounts privately. 

Applications such as Sarman – Instagram tracker and profile + reports and insights will help you find out who has blocked you. 

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What happens when someone has blocked you?

After finding someone has blocked you, what is to be done? The best thing to do is to forget about it and look ahead. 

But if you still want to see their profile, then you can see it, although you will not be able to see their posts. You can also send a message to the person who has blocked you, but they will not receive it because the whole purpose of blocking is to remove the conversation between the person blocking and the one who is getting blocked. 

Instagram is not responsible for delivering messages to the blocked accounts. Even if the user is unblocked in the future, the messages will never be sent or received. 

Blocking is a privacy feature made to save users from accounts they no longer want to see. Anyone has the right to block anyone for any reason. Even after discovering that you have been blocked, you will not be able to do anything about it. It’s not in your hands.

Your best move will be to ignore it and keep moving. It’s not the end of the universe. You have your own life to enjoy things and experience. Getting blocked does not at all mean that you have a bad taste in your content or that you have to stop posting what you really like. 

You have nothing to do about it. They have blocked you, it’s their problem, not yours. It’s just that they no longer want to be in your touch. They currently don’t want you to be a part of their lives. However, they might unblock you sometime in the future. But you just don’t need to rely on that. Focus on your life and goals. You have got a lot to do. You have to do much better in your life. 

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