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Date Publish: Nov 10, 2023


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How to Fix Instagram Copyright Issue?

Instagram is one of the most successful social media platforms that we have. Every day, millions of users share their photos and videos on Instagram and engage with other people. So, the number of photos and videos shared on the platform increases day by day. 

Sometimes the users of Instagram face a ‘copyrights’ issue on the platform after uploading a photo or a video. This significantly affects the number of Instagram views and other engagements that you have received on your post. 

Under this issue, as a user, you cannot post a particular type of content for not having its ownership. So, if you are also facing this issue, how are you going to fix it?

5 Best Ways to Fix an Instagram Copyright Issue.

If you want to share a video on Instagram with a certain music track that is copyrighted, here are a few tricks that can help you to avoid the music copyright issue on Instagram.

Give credit to music owners

You can use another person’s music track without any copyright issue if you give them credit for it. 

So, whatever you share in your video, mention the music owners in the description and provide them the credit. 

On the other hand, sometimes, the owners may not be willing to allow others to share their content, but if you give them credit, the content will lot disappear from the platform entirely.

 And your account will not be penalized for that.

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Modify the original music a bit

You can make slight changes in the original music video, such as add some background music or another voice in it, and then use it for your purpose. 

With this, Instagram will skip the auto-detect part. However, changing a few elements of the music might not work. If the content owner happens to see it on Instagram and report about it, the video may be removed.

You can use different video editing tools available for Android and iOS devices to change the background music and avoid copyright issue. 

For Android users- Magisto and VideoShow 

For iOS users- Cameo and Magisto

These two video editing tools are the best options available.

Use Copyright-free music 

To be on the safer side, you should always try to use copyrighted free music for your content. There are hundreds of websites on the Internet where you can find copyrighted free music and use it to avoid the issue altogether.

On the other hand, if you make use of popular songs, they can be easily detected within milliseconds. You can find plenty of copyrighted free music tracks on YouTube and other music websites.

Appeal against Instagram’s removal decision

If you feel that Instagram’s decision to remove your photo and video was unjust and you haven’t violated any copyright rule, you can challenge the decision or appeal against it. 

However, you can only appeal to their decision if you have permission to use music in your video posts.

After this, your content will be reviewed again by the Instagram authority, and they might revise their decision, and your video will be re-posted. 

Ask for permission to share

You can ask the music owner for permission before using their track. This way, even if they notice your content on Instagram, they won’t complain about it. So, this is one of the best options to prevent your video from getting deleted. 


Many people face the Instagram copyright issue when they use other people’s music without their permission or without giving them the credits for it. 

So, if you want to use their piece, give them credit for it, and then you are free to use it. Just mention their name under your photo or video and tag them. 

This way, Instagram will not send copyright claims on your videos and they will not be removed from the platform.

On the other hand, if someone ever copies your content and you want to file a complaint, you can fill out the Instagram copyright form. 

You can appeal to the Instagram authority, and they will take the copied content down after reviewing it.

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