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Date Publish: Nov 10, 2023


Last Modified: Apr 19, 2024

How to Upload High-Quality Videos to Instagram?

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Do you want to know how to upload high-quality videos on Instagram? If yes, you can end your search here as we have got the right explanation for this. 

Uploading high-quality videos on Instagram is one of the most important things to get more Instagram likes and make your profile stand out. 

While posting attractive and innovative images is quite popular on Instagram- one of the biggest social media channels, yet videos have started gaining massive attention from users from one or two years ago. This got more attention since IGTV came into the scene.

Posting videos on Instagram is good for your brand awareness and marketing campaigns, as well.

So, then what’s the problem?

Instagram loves to crush the quality of your videos when you post them.

Wondering, what is the solution? How can you maintain the quality of the videos that you share on Instagram?

Why is it Tough to Upload Videos on Instagram?

When you upload a video on Instagram, it gets compressed into its smallest possible size. It happens with every video that you post on the platform. 

The thing happens because more than 1 billion people are using Instagram every day. 

Instagram is hosting the content of millions of users. So, it’s not possible to upload all of them in the highest quality sizes as they are very heavy and can impact the user experience on the platform.

Just imagine. How expensive would it be to manage a data center that holds on HD videos from a population of 1 billion?

To save storage space and bandwidth, it is important to compress the files on Instagram during the uploading process. And, there’s no way out.

However, you can minimize the loss of quality on your videos. This is mainly required to attract users to your content and ensure that you get real Instagram likes for your videos.

How to Upload HD Videos on Instagram?

As we mentioned above, there’s no way to upload an HD video on Instagram without facing the compression. However, if you can design your video through a popular software, compress it yourself, and select a lossless transfer option, you can reduce the size of your videos without losing its quality.

Follow the steps to upload high-quality videos on your Instagram page. This will reward you with so many benefits including getting free Instagram likes for your profile:

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Step 1: Be Prepared

The first thing that you need to know is where you are going to upload your Instagram videos. There are several destinations to upload a video, such as on Instagram feed, where you have a limit to post 60 seconds of content in a format of 600p to 4K. 

You can also upload videos on Instagram Stories and IGTV. On IGTV, you can upload those videos that are longer, and they should be around 720p in size and MP4 format.

So, you need to be sure of the destination where you will upload the content to create the video file as per the requirements.

It is better to compress your video content yourself, instead of allowing Instagram to do it. This way, you can reduce the loss of quality.   

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Step 2: Record Your Videos in 4K

Make sure to shoot all your video content in 4K. Although this will be out of the maximum video file size allowed by Instagram, you can do formatting and processing on your own as well.

If it is possible, don’t record videos on your smartphone. You will not get the desired amount of quality that you can instead get on a professional camera. 

Step 3: Edit Your Content

Next, you have to edit your videos in quality. If you have no clue about video editing tools, don’t worry. There are some very easy ones, such as Adobe Premier and Lightworks.

Adobe Premiere is an excellent option for people who are using Instagram video for the first time. It is one of the number one video editing apps as per reviews by most people. The tool is cheap and quite useful. With this, you can compress and enhance your video before you upload it on Instagram.

Lightworks is another tool to edit your videos. It is designed for professionals. It is a bit complex tool available in free and premium versions. If you use a lot of high-quality videos for your profile, you should try this.

Step 4: Ensure A Lossless Transfer

This is one thing where a lot of people make mistakes. They apply a lot of effort to create quality videos and then ruin them.

To upload a video on Instagram, you need to transfer it from your PC to the phone gallery, unless you are using any scheduling tool. 

So, when you are transferring your videos, use the right tools. If you are using a Windows computer, you can maintain the quality by transferring through a USB cable, drive, or third-party app.

Alternatively, if you are uploading from Mac to Android, you need a file storage tool like Dropbox to ensure a lossless transfer.

Step 5: Uploading Your Video On Instagram

After transferring your video to the right place, you need to upload your content on Instagram. So, while submitting your video, remember that you can’t stop Instagram from compressing your videos further if the file size is still too large. 

However, you can cross-check the damage to the quality of your Instagram video. For this, click on your content and see the video again to check for any issues.

If the quality is very low, go back to the video editing tool and compress your video further. Otherwise, you are good to go.


So, these were the ways to make your Instagram profile shine with videos that are of amazing quality. Try this to boost the growth of your brand. Have a happy time doing Instagram marketing!

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