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Date Publish: Nov 10, 2023


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How to Add Special Characters to Your Instagram Bio?

Instagram users are fond of seeing a range of posts and stories every day. Sometimes, it’s like the story feed is never-ending. As you scroll down, more photos and videos keep on uploading and you don’t feel like going back either. 

Also, while browsing through the Explore section of Instagram, often we come across some very interesting profiles that we just can’t ignore. We see that these profiles have a huge number of buy Instagram likes and followers and we wonder how do they manage so?

The newly launched Recommended section of Instagram also comes under this category. It shows us a variety of interesting profiles as suggestions and prompts us to follow them. 

Most of these profiles are quite popular on Instagram. The reason could be anything like a good following, interesting feed, high-quality content, a well-optimized Instagram bio, and more.

Yes, not just quality content, but Instagram bio is one of the most important things that makes your profile look more noticeable. Due to this, some of the profiles use special characters in their bio to make them more attractive for the audience. 

So, if you are also wondering how to make your Instagram bio look more interesting, this article is an ideal place to learn how you can do this.

Why Having An Instagram Bio Is Important?

Before you learn about how to make an interesting bio for your profile, it is important to understand why having a bio is important at all. 

Your Instagram Bio is your identity. It describes what you are and what you do. It is a small section where you write in brief some important details about you or your business. 

So, it informs your potential customers about your business and increases your chances of turning them into your Instagram followers and loyal customers.

The bio section is placed right under the username. You can put up a maximum of 150 characters in it. You can use special characters, hashtags, emojis, a link (probably to your website), and a CTA in it.

Most of the brands put up their website URL in the bio section. You can place a maximum of one link only. This is a great way to drive traffic from Instagram to your website. 

How To Make Your Instagram Bio Interesting?

Now, that you know why having a bio is important, let’s learn more about it. 

You can try several ways to make your Instagram bio interesting for people. So, without wasting time, let’s explore some of these best ways.

Use Special Characters in Instagram Bio 

You can add special characters in your Instagram bio using some third-party tools and applications. These special characters enhance your bio and make it attractive so that you can grab the attention of your targeted audience in one go. 

The first method to add special characters is by using MS Word. Follow the steps:

  1. Open a word document and write your bio in it.
  2. Click on ’Insert’ and then ‘Advanced Symbol’.
  3. Now, you can check out the symbols that are available in Word such as arrows, lines, zodiac signs, and more.

If you want to use more special characters in your Instagram bio and you are unable to get them on Word, there are other websites that you can try. For example, Lingojam or Sprezz Keyboard. 

These two websites will offer you a variety of fonts that you can’t find on Instagram or Word. 

You can use these special characters in your ‘Name’ to make it look more interesting. With this, when your profile will be shown on the ‘Recommended’ section of other users, there are chances that they will click on your username. However, you can only add 30 characters in the ‘Name’ section.

Also, Check out our recommended guide on Instagram bio for business to get better business bio ideas.

Make Use of the Name Section

You can use keywords in the name section of your bio. This can improve the chances of your profile’s visibility when people search for those particular keywords. 

Usually, people search in the Explore section using hashtags and results come up by the names of the profiles that are optimized with those keywords.

For example, if you write ‘nutritionist’ or ‘fitness expert’ in your profile, then it is likely to be seen when people search for these terms.

Add Line Breaks in Your Instagram Bio

You cannot add line breaks to your Instagram Bio manually because when you click on ‘Return’, Instagram doesn’t allow you to change the line. However, you can do it outside Instagram.

Write down your Instagram Bio on any other tool such as MS Word. Use line breaks in between and then copy the text. Paste it on your Instagram bio and click on ‘Done’. Your bio will be shown with line breaks.

Add Alignments

You can write your Instagram bio with different alignments using a third-party app. For this, you need to copy your text and paste it into the bio section. Then, click on ‘Done’ and you will have a bio with several alignments.

The Bottom Line

So, these were some of the best ideas to make an interesting and attractive Instagram bio for your profile. 

These tips will help you to make your bio look more professional, target the right audience, and grow your Instagram profile in terms of likes, followers, and views. 

We hope this article will be helpful to you. 

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